U.S. Federally Non-Recognized Indian Tribes -- Index by State

Initially researched by Prof. Troy Johnson, Cal State, Long Beach. Corrections by me: removals(they are on the recognized indexes) of tribes recently recognized. Removal of duplications by variant spellings or names of either recognized or non-recognized. Additions: many more I found on a petitioning list. Petition (for recognition) dates, status added by me. Corrections of name spellings if known.

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See U.S. Tribes MapWindow for table of tribes in alphabetical order. See Tribes-by-state text list index. WHITE states: no federally recognized tribes. There may be non-recognized or state recognized ones. Active states (reservation maps) are clickable here.

About 245 federally non-recognized tribes, most of whom are petitioning for federal recognition.

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  1. Five Landless Alaska Tlingit communities left out of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement. No land, no subsaistence rights. Presentation by Tlingit artist Jesse Cooday and others.

  2. Tsimshian Tribe, petitioned 7/72/78 -- note: may be an unrecognized band like the above Tlingit, or may have been recognized (there are recognized Tsimshian groups in AK)


  1. Cherokees of Jackson Co., petitioned 9/23/81`
  2. Cherokees of N.E. Alabama, state recognized
  3. Eagle Bear Band of Free Cherokees
  4. Echota Cherokee Tribe of alabama (state recognized)
  5. Star Clan of Muskogee Creek Tribe of Pike Co., state recognized
  6. Mowa Band of Choctaws, state recognized; petitioned 5/27/83; name is in ready status
  7. Prinicipal Creek Indian Nation E. of the Mississippi, petitioned 6/10/86
  8. Machia Lower Creeks of Alabama, state recognized; petitioned 6/27/83; acknowledgement declined 8/18/88
  9. Cherokees of S.E. Alabama, state recognized; petitioned 5/27/88
  10. United Cherokees
  11. Langley Band of Chickamogee Cherokee Indians in the Southeastern United States, petitioned 4/20/94

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    1. Barrio Pascua

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  1. Revived Ouachita Indians of Arkansas & America, petitioned for federal recognition 4/25/90

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  1. Amah Band of Ohlone/Coastanoans: petitioned 9/18/90
  2. American Indian Council of Mariposa Co. , petitioned 4/24/82
  3. Antelope Valley Indian Community, petitioned 7/9/76
  4. Atahun Shoshones of San Juan Capistrano
  5. Big Meadows Lodge Tribe
  6. Calaveras Co. Band of Miwok Indians
  7. Choinumni Tribe, petitioned 7/14/88
  8. Chukchansi Yokotch Tribe, petitioned 5/25/93
  9. Coastal Band of Chumash Indians, petitioned 3/25/82
  10. Coastanoan Band of Carmel Mission Indians, petitioned 9/16/88
  11. Death Valley Timba-Sha Shoshone Band
  12. Dunlap Band of Mono Indians, petitioned 1/4/84
  13. Federated Coast Miwok Tribe
  14. Gabrielino/Tongvah Nation, petitioned 3/21/94
  15. Hayfork Band of Nor-El-Muk Wintu Indians, petitioned 1/5/84
  16. Hownonquet Community Assoc.
  17. Indian Canyon Band of Coastanoan/Mutsun Indians, petitioned 6/9/89
  18. Ione Band of Miwok Indians, petitioned in 1916, status clarified aedministratively by BIA 3/22/94
  19. Juaneno Band of Mission Indians, petitioned 8/1/82
  20. Kern Valley Indian Community, 2/27/79
  21. Maidu Nation, petitioned 1/6/77
  22. Melochundum Band of Tolowa Indians
  23. Mono Lake Indian Community, petitioned 7/9/76
  24. Mukwema Ohlone tribe, petitioned 5/9/89
  25. Northern Maidu Maidu Tribe
  26. Nor-El-Muk Band of Wintun Indians
  27. Northfolk Band of Mono Indians, petitioned 9/7/83
  28. Ohlone/Coastanoan Muwekma Tribe
  29. San Luis Rey Band of Mission Indians, petitioned 10/18/84
  30. Salinan Indian Nation, petitioned 10/10/89
  31. Salinan Tribe of Monterey County, petitioned 11/13/93
  32. Shasta Tribe, petitioned 5/28/82
  33. Tehatchapi Tribe
  34. Tsnungwe Council, petitioned 9/22/92
  35. United Hourma Nation, Inc.,
  36. Wintoon Indians
  37. Wintu Indians of Central Valley, CA, petitioned 10/26/84
  38. Wintu Tribe of Northern California, petitioned 8/25/93
  39. Wukchunmi Council, petitioned 2/22/88
  40. Washoe/Paiute of Antelope Valley, petitioned 7/9/76
  41. United Lumbee Nation of North Carolina & America
  42. Wintoon Indians, petitioned 10/26/84
  43. Yokayo Tribe of Indians, petitioned 3/9/87

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  1. Munsee Thames River Delaware, petitioned 7/22/77; acknowledgement declined, 1/3/83
  2. Council for the Benefit of the Colorado Winnebagoes, petitioned 1/26/93

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  1. Eastern Pequots of Connecticut. petitioned 6/28/78
  2. Nipmuc Indian Bands
  3. Paucatuck E. Pequots
  4. Scaticook Bands
  5. Schaghticoke Indian Tribe, petitioned 12/14/81
  6. Golden Hill Paugussett Tribe, petitioned 4/13/82
  7. Paucatuck Band of Pequot Indians of connecticut, petitioned 6/20/89
  8. The Mohegan Tribe of Indians of the State of connecticut, petitioned 7/12/78; active consideration 11/1/93

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  1. Nanaticoke Association, petitioned 8/8/78


  1. Creeks E. of the Mississippi, petitioned 3/21/73; acknowledgement denied, 12/21/81
  2. Florida Tribe of E. Creeks
  3. Topachula Tribe
  4. Oklewaha Band of Seminoles, petitioned 2/12/90
  5. Tuscola United Cherokees of Florida & Alabama, Inc., petitioned 1/19/79

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  1. Cane Break Band of E. Cherokees
  2. Cherokees of Georgia, Inc., petitioned 1/9/79
  3. Georgia Tribe of E. Cherokees, petitioned 8/8/77
  4. Lower Muskogee Creek Tribe- E. of the Mississippi, petitioned 2/2/72; acknowledgement declined, 12/21/81
  5. Southeastern Cherokee Confederacy, Inc., petitioned 3/9/78

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  1. Delawares of Idaho -- petitioned 6/26/79

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  1. Miami Nation of Indiana, petitioned 4/20/80; acknowledgement declined, 8/17/92
  2. Upper Kiskopo Band of the Shawnee Nation, petitioned 4/10/91
  3. Northern Cherokee Tribe of Indiana, petitioned 7/26/85

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  1. Wyandot Nation of Kansas
  2. Delaware- Muncie Tribe, petitioned 6/19/78
  3. Swan Creek & Black River Chippewas
  4. United Tribe of Shawnee Indians

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  1. Caddo Adala Indians, Inc., petitioned 9/13/93
  2. Clifton- Choctaws, petitioned 3/22/78
  3. Jena Band of Choctaws, petitioned 2/2/79, acknowledged ????
  4. Choctaw- Apache Indian Community, petitioned 7/2/78
  5. United Houma Nation, petitioned 7/10/79; proposed funding in progress

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  1. Piscataway- Conoy Confederacy & Sub- Tribes, Inc., petitioned 2/22/78
  2. Piscataway Indians, has not petitioned
  3. Youghiogheny Shawnee Band

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  1. Nipmuc Tribal Council of Massachusetts (Hassanamisco Band), petitioned 4/22/80
  2. Nipmuc Tribal Council of Massachusetts (Chaubunagungamang Band), petitioned 4/22/80
  3. Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe, petitioned 7/7/75
  4. Narragansett Tribal of Indians -- didn't they get rec? won a big landclaim in the 1970's, yes they are recognized in Rhode Island

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  1. Lake Superior Chippewa of Marquette, Inc.
  2. Burt Lake Band of Ottawa & Chippewa Indians, Inc., petitioned 9/12/85
  3. Consolidated Bahwetig Ojibwas and Mackinacs, petitioned 12/4/79
  4. Grand River Band of Ottawa Indians
  5. Gunlake Village Band of Grand Lake Ottawa Indians, state recognized, petitioned 6/24/92
  6. Swan Creek and black River chippewa, petitioned 5/4/93

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  1. NI-MI-WIN Ojibways (is this Sandy Lake Band?)
  2. Kah-Bay-Kah-Nong (Warroad ChIppewa), petitioned 2/12/79
  3. Sandy Lake Band of Ojibwes

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  1. Grand Village Natchez Indian Tribe

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  1. Dogwood Band of Free Cherokees
  2. Northern Cherokee Nation of the Old Louisiana Territory, petitioned 2/19/92
  3. Northern Cherokee Tribe of Indians, 7/26/85

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  1. Little Shell Tribe of Chippewas of Montana, state recognized; petitioned 4/28/78
  2. Swan Creek & Black River Chippewa

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  1. Person Co. Indians
  2. Coree Indians, petitioned 8/5/78
  3. Cherokees of Hoke Co.
  4. Meherrin Indian Tribe (state recognized), petitioned 8/2/90
  5. Haliwa Saponi Indian Tribe (state recognized), petitioned 1/27/79
  6. Hattadare Indian Tribe, petitioned 1/27/79
  7. Kaweah Indian Nation, Inc., 4/28/80; acknowledgement declined, 6/10/85
  8. Faircloth Indian Tribe
  9. Cherokees of Robison & Adjoining Cos., petitioned 2/1/79; determined ineligible to petition, 10/23/89
  10. Coharie Intra- Tribal Council (state recognized), petitioned 3/13/81
  11. Waccamaw Siouan Tribe (state recognized); petitoned 10/16/92
  12. Hatteras Tuscarora, petitioned 6/24/78; dcetermined ineligible to petition, 10/23/89
  13. Lumbee Tribe (state recognized), petitioned 1/17/8o; determined ineligible to petition 10/23/89
  14. United Lumbee Nation of North Carolina and America, petitioned 4/28/80; acknowledgement denied 7/2/85
  15. Cherokee Indians of Hoke County, Inc, petitioned 9/20/83; determined ineligible to petition, 10/23/89
  16. Cherokee Powhattan Indian Association, petitioned 9/7/84
  17. Santee Tribe, White Oak Community, 6/4/79
  18. Tuscarora Tribe, petitioned 2/25/81; determined ineligible to petition, 10/23/89
  19. Tuscarora Nation of North Carolina, petitooned11/19/85; determined ineligible to petition, 10/23/89

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  1. Little Shell Band of the North Dakota Tribe, petitioned 11/11/75
  2. Christian Pembina Chippewa Indians, petitioned 6/26/84

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  1. Abenaki Nation

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  1. Ramapough Mountain Indians (state recognized), petitioned 8/14/79
  2. Nanaticoke Lenni- Lennapes of New Jersey, Inc. (state recognized)
  3. Powhatan-Renape Nation (state recognized)
  4. Osprey Band of Free Cherokees

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  1. Canoncito Band of Navajos -- Note: this is a Chapter (governing unit) of the Navajo Nation; petitioned for independent federal recognition 7/31/89
  2. Piro/Manso/Tiwa Indian Tribe of the Pueblo of San Juan de Guadelupe, petitioned 1/18/71

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  1. Pahrump Band of Paiutes, petitioned 11/9/87

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  1. Alleghenny Nation (Ohio Band)
  2. Shawnee Nation United Remnant Band, petitioned 3/13/79
  3. Piqua Sept of Ohio Shawnees, petitioned 4/16/91
  4. N.E. Miami Inter- Tribal Council, petitioned 4/9/79

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  1. Deer Council of Free Cherokees, Brooklyn, NY


  1. Cataba Tribal Association
  2. Delaware Tribe of Eastern Oklahoma, petitioned 1/6/93 determined ineligible to petition, 2/24/94
  3. Northern Chicamunga Cherokee Nation of Arkansas and Missouri, petitioned 9/5/91
  4. Yuchi Tribal Organization, petitioned 10/5/90

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  1. Celilio-Wyam Indian Community, intertribal with joint use property in federal trust
  2. Tolowa- Tututni Tribe, no info, there's a Tolowa Nation in CA petitioning
  3. Tchinouk Indians , petitioned 5/16/79; acknowledgement declined, 3/17/86
  4. N.W. Cherokee Wolf Band of S.E. Cherokee Confederacy , petitioned 3/9/78; acknowledgement declined, 11/25/85
  5. Chinook Indian tribe, petitoned 7/23/89, funding in preogress
  6. Chetco Tribe

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  1. Santee Tribe, doesn't make any sense for SC, they are MN/Nebraska recognized tribe
  2. Summerville Indian Group
  3. Chicora-Siouan Indian People, petitioned 2/10/93
  4. Four Hole Indian Organization, petitioned 12/30/76

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  1. Cumberland Creek Indian Confederation
  2. Etowah Cherokee Nation. petitioned 12/31/90
  3. Elk Valley Council Band of Free Cherokees
  4. Red Clay Band of S.E. Cherokee Confederacy, petitioned 3/9/78; acknowledgement declined, 11/25/85

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  1. Creek Indians of Texas at Red Oak

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  1. N.E. Band of Shoshone Indians
  2. White Mesa Ute Council
  3. Cedar City Band of Paiutes

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  1. Abenaki Nation
  2. St. Francis/Skokoki Band of Abenakis of Vermont, petitioned 4/15/80

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  1. Chickahominy Indian Tribe, state recognized
  2. E. Chickahominy Indian Tribe, state recognized
  3. Monacan Indian Tribe, state recognized
  4. Nansemond Indian Tribal Association, state recognized
  5. Pamunkey Nation, state recognized
  6. Upper Mataponi Tribe, state recognized, petitioned 11/29/79
  7. United Rappahannock Tribe, state recognized; petitioned 11/16/79

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  1. Mitchell Bay Band
  2. Snoqualmoo Tribe of Whidbey Island, petitioned 4/15/80,
  3. Duwamish Indian Tribe, petitioned 6/7/77
  4. Steilacoom Tribe, petitioned 8/28/73
  5. Chinook Indian Tribe, Inc., petitioned 7/23/79
  6. Snohomish Tribe of Indians, petitioned 3/3/75
  7. Noo-Wha-Ha Band
  8. Cowlitz Tribe of Indians, petitioned 9/17/75

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  1. Brotherton Indians of Wisconsin, petitioned 4/15/80

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Text, maps and graphics copyright < -- Paula Giese, 1996, 1997

CREDITS: I did the maps. Prof. Troy Johnson, Cal State University at Long Beach, ORIGINALLY researched the Federally non-recognized tribes. Tribal/group designations and spellings (except where I recognized needed corrections) are his. I removed from his list all tribes that actually (now) are federally recognized, and obvious variant spellings of recognized tribes listed as if another tribe, non-recognized.

Last updated: 4/5/97