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  1. Ahtna, Inc
  2. Aleut Corp.
  3. Arctic Slope
  4. Bering Straits
  5. Bristol Bay
  6. Calista
  7. Chugach Alaska
  8. Cook Inlet
  9. Doyon Ltd
  10. Koniag Inc
  11. NANA Inc.
  12. Sealaska Corp

Juneau BIA Area Office Communities in alphabetical order, address, phone

A few regional native corporations and a few village enterprises have put up web pages. These will be found linked under their listing here, and also on the Alaska and Arctic Peoples Links page Most of these pages are not by Native people, nor do Native peoples have review or oversight capabilities concerning the regional native corporate pages.

Alaska Native and other Arctic Indigenous Peoples and Issues links. Because there are so many villages, whose links here mostly provide only contact info, a page of info links is more convenient. This accesses info (resident here) about tribes of the state, and a brrief historical overview.

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NOTE: The parenthetical (IRA) by some Native villages means the village has organized itself under the 1934 Indian Reorganization Act, with a constitution, elections and so on as prescribed there.

Bureau of Indian Affairs
P.O. Box 25520
Juneau, AK 99802
P: 907/586-7177
F: 907/586-7169
Niles C. Cesar
Anchorage Agency
Bureau of Indian Affairs
Anchorage, AK 99501
P: 907/271-4088
F: 907/271-4083
Albert Kahklen
Bethel Agency
Bureau of Indian Affairs
1675 C Street
Anchorage, AK 99501
P: 907/271-4084
F: 907/271-4083
David Hendrickson
Fairbanks Agency
Bureau of Indian Affairs
Federal Bldg. & Courthouse
101 12 Ave., Box 16
Fairbanks, AK 99701
P: 907/456-0222
F: 907/456-0225
Samuel Demientieff

Contact information for individual villages can be found in the tribal contacts section of the Line in the Sand website.

    AHTNA, Inc

    P.O. Box 649
    Glenallen, AK 99588


  1. Native Village of Cantwell
  2. Native Village of Chistochina
  3. Chitina Traditional Village
  4. Native Village of Kluti-kaah, (aka Copper Center)
  5. Native Village of Gakona
  6. Gulkana Village
  7. Native Village of Tazlina

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    ALEUT Corporation

    4000 Old Seward Highway, Suite 300
    Anchorage, AK 99503


  8. >Native Village of Akutan
  9. Native Village of Atka (IRA)
  10. Native Village of Belkofski
  11. False Pass Tribal Council
  12. Agdaagux Tribe of King Cove
  13. Native Village of Nelson Lagoon
  14. Native Village of Nikolski (IRA)
  15. Native Village of Nuiqsut - Pauloff Harbor
  16. St. George Island Traditional Council
  17. Aleut Community of St. Paul Island
  18. Qagun Tayagungin Tribe of SandPoint

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    P.O. Box 129
    Barrow, AK 99273


  19. Village of Anaktuvuk Pass
  20. Atqasuk Village
  21. Native Village of Barrow
  22. Inupiat Community of Arctic Slope (IRA)
  23. Kaktovik Village
  24. Native Village of Point Hope (IRA)
  25. Native Village of Point Lay (IRA)
  26. Village of Wainwright

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    P.O. Box 1009
    Nome, AK 99762


  27. Native Village of Brevig Mission
  28. Native Village of Council
  29. Native Village of Diomede (IRA), (aka Inalik)
  30. Native Village of Elim (IRA)
  31. Native Village of Gambell - Golovin
  32. Native Village of Koyuk (IRA)
  33. Native Village of Mary's Igloo
  34. Nome Eskimo Community (IRA)
  35. Native Village of St. Michael (IRA)
  36. Native Village of Shaktoolik (IRA)
  37. Native Village of Shishmaref (IRA)
  38. Native Village of Solomon
  39. Native Village of Teller
  40. Native Village of Unalakleet (IRA)
  41. Native Village of Wales (IRA)
  42. Native Village of White Mountain (IRA)

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    111 West 16th Avenue, Suite 400
    Anchorage, AK 99501


    Profiles of Alaska Inuit-Aleut Communities -- Bristol Bay , AK villages Region

  43. Native Village of Aleknagik
  44. Native Village of Chignik Bay
  45. Native Village of Chignik Lagoon
  46. Chignik Lake Village
  47. Village of Clark's Point
  48. Native Village of Dillingham
  49. Egegik Tribal Council
  50. Native Village of Ekuk
  51. Ekwok Village Council
  52. Igiugig Village
  53. Village of Iliamna
  54. Ivanof Bay Village Council
  55. Kokhanok Village
  56. Native Village of Kongiganak
  57. Levelock Village
  58. Village of Lower Kalskag
  59. Manokotak Village
  60. Naknek Native Village
  61. Newhalen Tribal Council
  62. New Stuyahok Village
  63. Nondalton Village
  64. Pedro Bay Village
  65. Native Village of Perryville (IRA)
  66. Native Village of Pilot Point
  67. Native Village of Port Heiden
  68. Portage Creek Village
  69. South Naknek Village Council
  70. Traditional Village of Togiak
  71. Twin Hills Village Council
  72. Ugashik Traditional Village Council

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    601 West 5th Avenue. Ste 200
    Anchorage, AK 99501-2225


  73. Akiachak Native Community (IRA)
  74. Akiak Native Community (IRA)
  75. Village of Alakanuk
  76. Yupiit of Andreafski
  77. Village of Aniak
  78. Village of Atmautluak
  79. Orutsararmuit Native Council, (aka Bethel)
  80. Village of Chefornak
  81. Chevak Native Village
  82. Native Village of Chuathbaluk
  83. >Native Village of Crooked Creek
  84. Native Village of Eek
  85. Emmonak Village
  86. Native Village of Georgetown
  87. Native Village of Goodnews Bay
  88. Native Village of Hooper Bay
  89. Native Village of Kasiglik
  90. Native Village of Kipnuk
  91. Native Village of Kongiganak
  92. Village of Kotlik
  93. Organized Village of Kwethluk (IRA)
  94. Native Village of Kwigillingok (IRA)
  95. Lime Village
  96. Village of Lower Kalskag
  97. Native Village of Marshall, (aka Fortuna Ledge)
  98. Native Village of Mekoryuk (IRA)
  99. Asa Carsarmuit Tribe of Mt. Village
  100. Native Village of Napakiak (IRA)
  101. Native Village of Napaimute
  102. Native Village of Napaskiak
  103. Newtok Village
  104. Native Village of Nightmute
  105. Native Village of Nunapitchuk (IRA)
  106. Oscarville Traditional Council
  107. Pilot Station Traditional Council
  108. Native Village of Pitka's Point
  109. Platinum Traditional Village - Quinhagak
  110. Village of Red Devil
  111. Iqurmuit Tribe (Russian Mission)
  112. Native Village of Algaaciq, (aka St. Mary's)
  113. Native Village of Scammon Bay
  114. Native Village of Sheldon's Point
  115. Village of Sleetmute
  116. Stebbins Community Association (IRA)
  117. Native Village of Toksook Bay
  118. Tuluksak Native Community (IRA)
  119. >Native Village of Tuntutuliak
  120. Native Village of Tununak (IRA)
  121. Umkumiut Native Village
  122. Village of Kalskag (Upper Kalskag?)

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    560 E. 34th Avenue. Ste 200
    Anchorage, AK 99503-4196


    Chenega Bay
  123. Native Village of Eyak
  124. Native Village of Nanwalek, (aka English Bay)
  125. Port Graham Village
  126. Native Village of Tatitlek (IRA)

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    P.O. Box 93330
    Anchorage, AK 99509-3330


    Cook Inlet Tribal Council, Alaska. Not much info yet, tribal contacts, programs.

  127. Chickaloon Native Village
  128. Eklutna Native Village
  129. Kenaitze Indian Tribe (IRA)
  130. Knik Tribe
  131. Ninilchik Village Traditional Council
  132. Village of Salamatof
  133. Seldovia Village Tribe (IRA)
  134. Native Village of Tyonek (IRA)

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    Doyon Building
    201 First Avenue
    Fairbanks, AK 99701


  135. Alatna Village
  136. Allakaket Village
  137. Anvik Village
  138. Village of Arctic Village
  139. Beaver Village
  140. Birch Creek Village
  141. Chalkyitsik Village
  142. Circle Native Community (IRA)
  143. Village of Dot Lake
  144. Native Village of Eagle (IRA)
  145. Evansville Village
  146. Native Village of Fort Yukon (IRA)
  147. Galena Village, (aka Louden)
  148. Organized Village of Grayling (IRA)(aka Holikachuk)
  149. Healy Lake Village
  150. Hughes Village
  151. Huslia Village
  152. Village of Kaltag
  153. Koyukuk Native Village
  154. Manley Hot Springs Village
  155. McGrath Native Village
  156. Native Village of Minto (IRA)
  157. Nenana Native Association
  158. Nikolai Village
  159. Nulato Village
  160. Rampart Village
  161. Village of Red Devil
  162. Native Village of Ruby
  163. Shageluk Native Village (IRA)
  164. Native Village of Stevens (IRA)
  165. Takotna Village
  166. Native Village of Tanacross (IRA)
  167. Native Village of Tanana (IRA)
  168. Telida Village
  169. Native Village of Tetlin (IRA)
  170. Native Village of Venetie (IRA)

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    <4300 B Street, Ste 407
    Anchorage, AK 99503


  171. Akiak Native Community (IRA)
  172. Native Village of Karluk (IRA)
  173. Native Village of Larsen Bay
  174. Village of Old Harbor
  175. Native Village of Ouzinkie
  176. Native Village of Port Lions
  177. Shoonaq' Tribe of Kodiak

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    P.O. Box 49
    Kotzbue, AK 99752


  178. Native Village of Ambler
  179. Native Village of Buckland (IRA)
  180. Native Village of Deering (IRA)
  181. Native Village of Kiana
  182. Native Village of Kivalina (IRA)
  183. Native Village of Kobuk
  184. Native Village of Kotzebue (IRA)
  185. Native Village of Noatak (IRA)
  186. Noorvik Native Community (IRA)
  187. Native Village of Selawik (IRA)
  188. Native Village of Shungnak (IRA)

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    One Sealaska Plaza, Suite 400
    Juneau, AK 99801


  189. >Angoon Community Association (IRA)
  190. Craig Community Association (IRA)
  191. Craig Community Association (IRA)
  192. Chilkat Indian Village (Klukwan) (Hasines) (IRA)
  193. Hydaburg Cooperative Association (IRA)
  194. Organized Village of Kake (IRA)
  195. Organized Village of Kasaan (IRA)
  196. Ketchikan Indian Corporation (IRA)
  197. Klawock Cooperative Association (IRA) - Kluckwan - Metlakatla
  198. Petersburg Indian Association (IRA)
  199. Organized Village of Saxman (IRA)
  200. Sitka Tribe of Alaska (IRA)
  201. Skagway Traditional Council
  202. Wrangell Cooperative Association (IRA)
  203. Yakutat Tlingit Tribe
  204. Aukquan Traditional Council

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CREDITS: I made maps, icons and other graphics used on these pages, using sourcew material from "Americna Indian Reservations and Trust Areas," V.E. Tiller, Economic Development Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce, 1996. Also very useful were the articles on Alaska Natives -- history, claims, organization of the regional development corporations -- in the encyclopedia Native America in the 20th Century, ed Mary B. Davis, Garland, NY: 1994, 1996.

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