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California map shows counties in pale colors for reference. The listing below is of California recognized tribes as published in November 1996 in the Federal Register. The BIA only give the tribe's legal name -- often that of its little rancheria -- so I added the tribe or tribes included for each. I've grouped the rancherias by tribe, and arranged the groups roughly from north to south. Tribes with info about them somewhere on-web are clickable from this list below. Scroll down to find tribes and links. My original plan -- to use state maps showing reservations -- is not workable for California, definitely won't work for Alaska, and may not be for Oklahoma, Arizona-New Mexico. Where there are very many small, scattered tribes, I'll follow a procedure like this.

ALL CALIFORNIA RESERVATIONS in alphabetical order, with BIA address/phone contact info, SACRAMENTO AREA and AGENCY OFFICES (Nov. 1996). Federally-recognized tribes only. Just has the official name (Chicken Ranch and suchlike), not the tribe; tribes and infolinks from the list below on this page.

CA Federally non-nrecognized Tribes -- names, addresses, from Native Studies at California's Humboldt State University. For any of these that have websites, consult my Non-recognized Tribes index here.

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Corresponding labeled California counties map (32K) for locational reference. File-size reduced from 180K CILP map.

California Pre-contact Tribal Territories Map 45K. Filesize reduced from 160K map prepared by CILC.

18 California treaties -- should have reserved 8.5 million acres for Indians in 1852 -- but they got lost accidentally (by the U.S. Senate) for 50 years. Map.

Costanoan-Ohlone Resource A large website with many resources and much info centering on as-yet unrecognized California tribes struggling for federal recognition. The most extensive CA Native resource.

7 California artists paintings, bios; includes Linda Yamane, basketweaver-writer-painter, and Harry Fonseca, Maidu, the coyote guy

Listing of Annual CA Powwows --just a table with sponsoring tribe/org, month, general locale and contact phones. Humboldt State Indian Studies prepared it. Seems to be missing many.

POMO detail map, info, and links page for Pomo and some nearby tribes

  1. Hopland Reservation, Pomo; Mendocino Co
  2. Stewarts Point Rancheria, Pomo; Sonoma Co
  3. Potter Valley Rancheria, Pomo; Mendocino Co
  4. Middletown Rancheria, Pomo; Lake Co
  5. Manchester/Point Arena Rancheria, Pomo; Mendocino Co
  6. Upper Lake Rancheria, Pomo; Lake Co
  7. Dry Creek Rancheria, Pomo; Sonoma Co
  8. Robinson Rancheria, Eastern Pomo; Lake Co
  9. Coyote Valley Reservation, Pomo; Mendocino Co
  10. Cloverdale Rancheria, Pomo, no info but Mendocino Co
  11. Sherwood Valley Rancheria, Pomo; Mendocino Co
  12. Big Valley Rancheria, Pomo and Pit River; Lake Co
  13. Scotts Valley Band of Pomo Indians (Sugar Bowl Rancheria), Pomo and Wailaki; Lakeport Co
  14. Elem Indian Colony of Pomo Indians, Sulphur Bank Rancheria, Pomo; Lake Co
  15. Pinoleville, Pomo, Mendocino Co
  16. Redwood Valley Rancheria, Northern Pomo; Mendocino Co
  17. Round Valley Reservation, Achomowai, Concow, Nomalaki, Wailaki, Wintun, Yuki and Pomo; Mendocino Co
  18. Laytonville Rancheria, Cahto; Mendocino Co

      WIYOT TRIBE info  

    Wiyot Bibliography -- compiled by CILP

  19. Bear River Band of Rohnerville Rancheria, Wiyot and Matole; Humboldt Co
  20. Table Bluff Rancheria, Wiyot; Humboldt Co
  21. Blue Lake Rancheria, Wiyot, Yurok, Hupa; Humboldt Co
  22. Trinidad Rancheria, Yurok, Wiyot, Tolowa; Humboldt Co
  23. NOTE: Rohnerville (Humboldt Co) is also federally recognized

  24. Hoopa Valley Indian Reservation, Hupa; Humboldt Co
  25. Big Lagoon Rancheria, Yurok and Tolowa; Humboldt Co
  26. Yurok Tribe, Yurok; Humboldt and Del Norte Cos
  27. Elk Valley Rancheria, Tolowa; Del Norte Co
  28. Karuk Tribe of California, Karuk, Humboldt and Siskiyou Cos
  29. Resighini Rancheria, Yurok, Del Norte Co
  30. Santa Rosa Rancheria, Tache, Tachi, Yokuts; Kings Co
  31. Quartz Valley Reservation, Shasta, Upper Klamath; Siskiyou Co
  32. Grindstone Rancheria, Nomlaki and Wintun; Glenn Co

  33. Santa Ynez Band of Mission Indians, Chumash; Santa Barbara Co

  34. Berry Creek Rancheria, Maidu; Butte Co
  35. Greenville Rancheria, Maidu; Plumas and Tehama Cos
  36. Shingle Springs Rancheria, Maidu; El Dorado Co
  37. Chico Rancheria, Mechoopda (Maidu) Indians

  38. Tule River Reservation, Yokuts; Tulare Co
  39. Lone Pine Reservation, Paiute-Shoshone, Inyo Co.
  40. Susanville Rancheria, Paiute, Maidu, Pit River and Washoe; Lassen Co.
  41. Cedarville Rancheria, Paiute; Modoc Co
  42. Fort Bidwell Reservation, Paiute; Modoc Co
  43. Benton Paiute Reservarion, Paiute; Mono Co
  44. Bishop Reservation, Paiute-Shoshone; Inyo Co
  45. Fort Independence Reservation, Paiute
  46. Bridgeport Indian Colony, Paiute; Mono Co
  47. Pit River Tribal Council, no info
  48. Roaring Creek, Pit River, Achomawai, Atsugewi; Shasta Co
  49. Montgomery Creek Rancheria, Pit River; Shasta Co
  50. Lookout Rancheria, Pit River; Modoc Co
  51. Alturas Rancheria, Pit River (Achomawi); Modoc Co
  52. Redding Rancheria, Wintun, Pit River, Yuma; Shasta Co
  53. X-L Ranch, Pit River; Modoc Co
  54. Rumsey Rancheria, Wintun (Yocha Dehe); Yolo Co
  55. Cortina Rancheria, Wintun, Colusa Co
  56. Colusa Rancheria , Wintun; Colusa Co
  57. Pechanga Band of Mission Indians, Luiseno; Riverside Co.
  58. Pauma (and Yuima) Band of Mission Indians. Luiseno; San Diego Co
  59. Pala Band of Mission Indians. Luiseno-Cupeno; San Diego Co
  60. Soboba Band of Mission Indians, Luiseno; Riverside Co
  61. Twenty Nine Palms Band of Mission Indians, Luiseno; San Bernadino Co
  62. Rincon Band of Mission Indians, Luiseno; San Diego Co
  63. La Jolla Band, Luiseno; San Diego Co
  64. Sycuan Rancheria, Kumeyaay (Digueno); San Diego Co
  65. La Posta Band, Kumeyaay; San Diego Co
  66. Jamul Band of Mission Indians, Kumeyaay; San Diego Co
  67. Viejas Tribal Council, Kumeyaay; San Diego Co
  68. Manzanita General Council, Kumeyaay; San Diego Co
  69. San Pasqual Band, Kumeyaay; San Diego Co
  70. Capitan Grande, Kuneyaay (Diegueno),; San Diego Co
  71. Campo Band of Mission Indians, Kumeyaay; San Diego Co
  72. Cuyapaipe Band of Mission Indians, Diegueno, Kumeyaay; San Diego Co
  73. Agua Caliente Tribal Council. Cahuila; Riverside Co
  74. Cabazon Band of Mission Indians, Cahuilla; Indio, Riverside County
  75. Los Coyotes Band of Mission Indians, Cahuilla, Cupeno; San Diego Co
  76. Santa Rosa Reservation, Cahuilla, Kings Co
  77. Cahuilla Band of Mission Indians, Cahuilla; Riverside Co
  78. Ramona Band of Cahuilla Indians, Cahuilla; Riverside Co
  79. Torres-Martinez, Cahuilla; Imperial and Riverside Cos
  80. Morongo Band, Cahuilla, Serrano, Cupeno; Riverside Co
  81. San Manuel Band of Mission Indians, Serrano; San Bernadino Co

  82. Chemehuevi Tribal Council, Chemehuevi Tribe; San Bernadino Co

  83. Mesa Grande Band of Mission Indians, Diegueno; San Diego Co
  84. Santa Ysabel Band of Mission Indians, Diegueno; San Diego Co
  85. Barona Indian Reservation, Ipai-Tipai (Digueno); San Diego Co
  86. Inaja & Cosmit Band of Mission Indians, San Diego Co, no info

  87. Timbisha (Death Valley) Shoshone Tribe, Western Shoshone; Inyo Co

  88. Tuolumne Me-wuk Rancheria, Me-wuk, Miwok, Yokut; Tuolumne Co
  89. Sheep Ranch Rancheria, Me-wuk, Calaveras Co
  90. Jackson Rancheria, Mewuk (Miwok); Amador Co
  91. Buena Vista Rancheria, Miwok, what county?

  92. Cold Springs Rancheria, Western Mono; Fresno Co
  93. Big Sandy Rancheria, Western Mono (Monache); Fresno Co
  94. North Fork Rancheria, Western Mono; Madera Co

  95. Woodfords Community Council, no info
  96. Lytton Rancheria, no info
  97. Guidiville Rancheria, no info
  98. Picayune Rancheria -- no info
  99. Winnemucca Indian Colony, no info must be Paiutes
  100. Table Mountain Rancheria; no info re tribe name; Fresno Co.
  101. Chicken Ranch Rancheria, no info maybe Miwok; Tuolumne Co
  102. Smith River Rancheria, no info, Del Norte Co
  103. Mooretown Rancheria, no info
  104. Fort Mojave, Mojave; Tribal office, San Bernadino Co, Needles, CA
    • Reservation is along Colorado River, 12633 acres in CA; 23,669 acres in AZ and 5,582 acres in Nv. Despite location of tribal office, and the fact most tribal members (about 1,000 enrolled) live in CA, it is administered by BIA Phoenix AZ Area office.

    • Nuclear waste dump in Ward Valley, being opposed by Mohave and Chemehuevi tribes, protest gathering slated for April 20, 1997
  105. Fort Yuma, Quechan; Imperial Co (CA) and Yuma Co (AZ)
  106. Paskempa, Nomelaki; Williams, CA


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Text, maps and graphics copyright -- Paula Giese, 1996, 1997 except where elsewhere attributed.

CREDITS: Tribal names and placements on the map come from the maps and data in Veronica Tiller's "American Indian Reservations and Trust Areas", Economic Development Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce, 1996. Listing of Federally recognized tribes was published by the BIA in the Federal Register and used on their own website. I corrected HTML coding errors, added back tribes that were recognized as of late 1995 that had been omitted, and added the tribal (in addition to the BIA's reservation names) and county locations. The map itself is a modification, bleached and with county names and outline marks removed, of the California Indian Libraries Project counties map (which is also provided here as a reference). For both it and the CILP "Pre-Contact Tribal Territories" maps, I cleaned up the color errors caused by scanning, reduced the colors, and reduced filesizes from 200K to less than 50K, for loading speed here -- a considerable amount of work. All buttons and icons were made by me. I do claim copyright on all of the big maps, in particular the one with the extremely laborious placement of over 100 small rancherias. I also claim copyright on annotating, correcting and arranging in orderly groups, by tribe, the BIA;'s incorrect by-rancheria-names list. These items, both maps and work-product linklists, are copyright. They may NOT be downloaded for use on any other website; they may be linked-to here.

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