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U.S. TRIBES by REGIONS and STATES (Big GIS effort)

U.S. map showing federally owned lands including reservation trust lands, National forests, parks, etc. Overview for larger reservations, from whose treaty-determined original boundaries national forest and other national lands were most often carved. Not an imagemap.

Judicially-established Indian Lands Status in 1978 of court-proven aboriginal occupancy territories within the US. Click on the large regions for details of the established areas (a table of data on each tribe is below these detail region maps). Prepared by employees of the Army Corps of Engineers (it doesn't show any Indian lands they drowned.)

U.S. State Native American Populations 12K map from the 1990 census, can be downloaded and printed for classroom handouts (will print OK in black and white). Detail statistics for all federal and state tribes by keyword searching, or use the window at the bottom of the screen where all appear in alphabetical order. PC Statistical software for tribal population modeling (based on blood quantums of members), was done for PhD, used Hupa (CA) tribe as model. No Mac version. Compare Native to US general population, state by state in this interactive map-based analysis with several factors you can experiment with -- set to Minnesota right now.

US MAP WINDOW INDEX -- Click on State for tribes therein; click on BIA Area Office for all tribes in that Area. State list also has links to other sites with info for those tribes. Clickable imagemap. Active states: MN, CA, AK, WI, MI, ND, SD; NY; AZ, NM, NE, MT, WY, WA added 4/4/97, OR added 4/6/97. Map GIS window is followed by alphabetical listing of all U.S. tribes, with clickable state pages.

Minnesota Reservations map and info on each tribe. Even if you are not from Minnesota, you may find a current and historical info package, organized around a handy, clickable map, a good way to do some Native American minority-diversity teaching and learning that looks at current situations, land, notable people, links. 2/2/97 All Minnesota treaties: 2/14/97 NOTE: Envirotext Treaties database seems to be broken. 4/4/97

ALASKA Tribes contact info, organized links, tribal and regional maps. AK has over 200 organized Native entities.

CALIFORNIA has over 100 surviving tribes, and a complex history. Imagemaps organize and access California Native info, both as provided on this site and as found throughout the web.

MAP WINDOWS ALSO OPEN on tribes from: Wisconsin, Michigan, North Dakota, South Dakota, New York State, Arizona, New Mexico; Nebraska; Montana, Wyoming, Washington, Oregon. Use US map window index. 4/5/97

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Text, maps and graphics copyright -- Paula Giese, 1996. except where elsewhere attributed.

CREDITS:The "putting the Indian Sign on North America" map-graphic was originally designed by Akwesasne Mohawk Jim Berenholz in 1976. It's half of a black and white poster for Awkesasne Notes "Bicentennial". The original also has South America (as does my big AIM poster). In 1993, I spent about 3 weeks tracing this (from an old issue of Notes). I colored it in FreeHand and it was a poster for the AIM 25th anniversary and International Indigenous Peoples' Summit meeting then. I've made some changes in the "signs", to suit the low-rez web, and my desire to animate all parts of RedMap. Additional anis will be done one at a time, to celebrate the completion of major jobs of tribal info-on-line in the tribes-by-statemaps section here. Now pl;aying on the RedMap: "Raven Eats the Impossible Star," a trad legends I made up for the occasion of the ani.

Last Updated: 5/27/97