International Indigenous People's 1993 Resolution Supporting Norma Jean Croy

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WHEREAS Norma Jean Croy, 39, now serving a life sentence for a murder conviction in 1978, has been imprisoned as a political prisoner since she was 24, longer than any other Indian man or woman associated with the struggle for Native rights and sovereignty;

WHEREAS the facts of Norma Jean's case clearly indicate she was shot in the back by police officers who surrounded a relative's house and began shooting at Norma Jean, her brother, Patrick "Hooty" Croy and old people in the house, the said police officers attacking these people in force after a minor verbal altercation with a store clerk mainly as part of the government assault on the American Indian Movment that followed the FBI incident at Oglala;

WHEREAS over 200 shots were fired in the assault, one office was killed by Patrick, and Patrick was shot twice from, and Patrick was convicted of murder,but won a new trial in 1985 after many years ofsupport efforts, at which he was acquitted, and the jurors and trial judge said that Norma Jean would have been aquitted by them too, if she had been on trial;

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that Norma Jean Croy should receive an Executive pardon, since it has never even been alleged that she had anything to do with the officer's death other than being there and being shot in the back.

AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that members of this conference and the groups they represent will make serious efforts to publicize and build support for Norma Jean against this long-standing injustice,which has been virtually ignored by everyone except a few women for more than 15 years.

Resolution was passed by unanimous acclamation,Sept 2, 1993

Contact: Norma Jean Croy CCWF #14293 P.O. Box 1508 Chowchilla, CA 93610

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CREDITS: The International Indigenous People's Conference was hosted by the American Indian Movement (AIM) during its 25th reunion at Fort Snelling, Minnesota, and sponsored by the International Indian Treaty Conference IITC). Yvonne Wanrow Swan, herself a former political prisoner, was the IITC Political Prisoner Support coordinator who introduced the resolution. I happened to still have it on my computer from the conference.

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