Norma Jean Croy Political Prisoner Since 1978

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The "Saga of Norma Jean" was written in 1990 by Nilak Butler, Patrick Hooty Croy, Diana Samuelson (her present attorney), Bia D'Ocampo, Denise Ferry and Kevin McKiernan It was published in the first issue of Indigenous Woman a magazine of the Indigenous Women's Network, in the spring of 1991. There were no results from the publication. In 1993, at the urging of International Indian Treaty Conference Political Prisoners Coordinator Yvonne Wanrow Swan, the following resolution was passed by international delegates to the International Indigenous People's Conference, sponsored by the American Indian Movement at its 25th anniversary celebration at Ft. Snelling, Minnesota.

Norma Jean was denied parole in 1990 just after Hooty's 2nd trial acquittal, at which his trial judge said she would have been acquitted if she could have been retried and the parole board should consider this new evidence.

WRITE TO NORMA JEAN! Tell her about today's world. Nothing can cheer a forgotten prisoner more than to realize that the entire world has not forgotten her! You cannot send her email of course. Here's her prison address (be sure to use her prisoner number):

Norma Jean Croy, #14293
CCWF P.O. Box 1509
Chowchilla, CA 93610

Do not omit her prisoner number. Norma Jean, like all prisoners, needs small amounts of cash in prison. \She tries to participate in an art group, but must buy suopplies herself. You can send a money order in letters to her; this is taken by the prison authorities who open all mail, and credited to her account she can use for small prison purchases. You cannot send objects or books.

Her lawyer Diana Samuelson (and defense committee) phone number in San Francisco is:


Diana Samuelson
Pier 5 Law Offices
San Francisco, CA 95111

This is also the address of Norma Jean's Defence Committee, where there is literature and a videotape for sale (I wasn't told its price).

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CREDITS: The picture of Norma Jean was taken by B. Zambrano at an unknown date, in 1990 or before. It was used in the 1991Indigenous Woman story about Norma Jean. I scanned it, reduced it to her head, and endeavored to clean up the moirè (spotty) pattern that results from scanning a printed photo.

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