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Canadian Treaties -- index map shows areas covered by 1850-1900's Canadian treaties. Links to some fulltext treaties, treaty policies and area summaries. Links to some English pre-1763 treaties for Maritime tribes. 4/15/97

  • Royal Proclamation of 1763 -- defined Indian Country (on both sides of what's now US - Canadian border). Map links to a number of pre-Canadian English treaties; puts Indian Country and the Proclamation in context of a historical timeline.

Canadian First Nations Bands by Province listings Map Index, some address-phone contact numbers. Bands with websites have links listed on the map index here.

Graph shows Canadian ethnic population distribution at the latest 1986) census the National Mapping Service has. Together with an editorial about Bill C-31, and link to good discussion of some conflicting Native views about it and Status/returnees under C-31.

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Text, maps and graphics copyright -- Paula Giese, 1996. except where elsewhere attributed.

CREDITS:The "putting the Indian Sign on North America" map-graphic was originally designed by Akwesasne Mohawk Jim Berenholz in 1976. It's half of a black and white poster for Awkesasne Notes "Bicentennial". The original also has South America (as does my big AIM poster). In 1993, I spent about 3 weeks tracing this (from an old issue of Notes). I colored it in FreeHand and it was a poster for the AIM 25th anniversary and International Indigenous Peoples' Summit meeting then. I've made some changes in the "signs", to suit the low-rez web, and my desire to animate all parts of RedMap. Additional anis will be done one at a time, to celebrate the completion of major jobs of tribal info-on-line in the tribes-by-statemaps section here. Now pl;aying on the RedMap: "Raven Eats the Impossible Star," a trad legends I made up for the occasion of the ani.

Last Updated: 5/27/97