Manitoba First Nations Treaty Land Entitlement Committee --Representing 22 First Nations in Manitoba, who are covered by Treaties 1,2, 5 and bits of 3 and 4.

    20-odd Ojibwe and Cree first Nations of Manitoba received less than half the Reserve land specified in their treaties. The amount of land comprising their reserves now is 0.41% of Manitoba land. When they receive the amount they are entitled to, it will be 0.82%, still less than 1% of the land in Manitoba.

    1. Barren Land Band of Indians, Chief John W. Bighetty, General Delivery, Brochet, MB, R0B 0B0; (204)323-2300; Treaty Entitlement Land

    2. Berens River Band of Indians, Chief Lester Oliver Everett; Berens River Post Office, Berens River, MB R0B 0A0; (204)382-2161

    3. Birdtail Sioux Band of Indians, Chief Henry Skywatr; PO Box 22, Beulah, MB, R0M 0B0; (204)568-4540

    4. Bloodvein Band of Indians, Chief Helen Cook; General Delivery, Bloodvein, MB R0C 0J0; (204)395-2148

    5. Brokenhead Band of Indians, Chief Wendell Sinclair; Scanterbury, MB R0E 1W0; (204)766-2494; Treaty Entitlement Land

    6. Buffalo Point Band of Sioux Indians, Chief James Thunder; PO Box 27, Middleboro, MB R0A 1B0; (204)437-2133; Treaty Entitlement Land

    7. Chemahawin Band of Indians, Chief Alpheus Brass; Easterville, MB R0C 0V0; (104)329-2161

    8. Crane River Band of Indians, Chief John H. MacDonald; Crane River, MB R-L 0M0; (204)732-2490

    9. Cross Lake Indian Band, Chief Sydney Garrioch; Cross Lake, MB R0B 0J0; (204)676-2218

    10. Dauphin river Indian Band, Chiefg Emery Stagg; General Delivery, Gypsumville, MB R0C 1J0; (2104)659-6370

    11. Dakota Tipi Sioux Band, Chief Dennis Pashe; PO Box 1569, Portage la Prairie, MB R1N 3P1; (204)857-4381

    12. Dakota Plains Indian Band, Chief Ernest Smoke; PO Box 110, Portage la Prairie, MB R1N 3B2; (204)252-2288

    13. Ebb and Flow Band of Indians, Chief Alfred Beaulieu; Ebb and Flow, MB R0L 0R0; (204)448-2134

    14. Fairford Band of Indians, Chief Andrew Anderson; Fairford, MB R0C 0X0; (204)659-5705

    15. Fisher River Band of Indians, Chief Lorne Cochrane; Koostatak, MB R0C 1S0; (204)645-2171

    16. Fort Alexander Indian band, Chief Jerry Fontaine; Fort Alexander, MB R0E 0P0; (204)367-2287

    17. Fort Chuyrchill Indian Band, Chief Peter Thorassie, Sr; Tadoule Lake, MB R0B 2C0; (204)684-2202

    18. Fox Lake Indian Band, Chief Robert Wavey; PO Box 369, Gilliam, MB R0B 0L0; (204)652-2219; Treaty Entltlement Land

    19. Gamblers Band of Indians, Chief Louis Tanner; PO Box 293, Binscarth, MB R0J 0G0; (204)532-2464; Treaty Entitlement Land

    20. Garden Hill Band of Indians, Chief Jack Fiddler; Island Lake, MB R0B 0T0; (204)456-2085

    21. God's Lake Band of Indians , Chief Peter Watt; God's Lake Narrows, MB R0B 0M0; (204)335-2552; Treaty Entitlement Land

    22. God's River Indian Band, Chief Marcel Okemaw; God's River, MB r0B 0N0; (204)335-2011; Treaty Entitlement Land

    23. Grand Rapids Band of Indians, Chief Harold Turner; PO Box 500, Grand Rapids, MB R0C 1E0; (204)639-2219

    24. Hollow Water Band of Indians, Chief Roderick Bushie; Wanipigow, MB R0E 2E0; (204)363-7278

    25. Island Lake Band of Indians, not found

    26. Jackhead Band of Indians, Chief Bert Traverse; Dallas, MB R0C 0S0; (204)276-2366

    27. Keeseekoowenin Band of Indians, Chief Harry Bone; PO Box 100, Elphinstone, MB R0J 0N0; (204)625-2004

    28. Lake St. Martin Band of Indians, Chief David E. Trqaverse; PO Box 69, Gypsumville, MB R0C 1J0; (204)659-4539

    29. Little Black River Band of Indians, Chief Frnaklin Abraham; O'Hanley, MB R0E 1K0; (204)367-4411

    30. Little Grand Rapids Band of Indians, Chief Oliver Owens; Little Grnd Rapids, MB R0B 0V0; (204)397-2264

    31. Little Saskatchewan Band of Indians, Chief Hector Shorting, POost Office, Gypsumville, MB R0C 1J0; (204)659-4584

    32. Long Plain Band of Indians, Chief Peter Yellowquill; Edwin, MB R0H 0G0; (204)252-2731

    33. Mathias Colomb Band of Indians, Chief Pascal Bighetty; Pukatawagan, MB R0B 1G0; (204)553-2090; Treaty Entitlement Land

    34. Moose Lake Band of Indians, Chief Jim Tobacco; Moose Lake, MB R0B 0Y0; (204)678-2113

    35. Norway House Band of Indians, Chief Alan James Ross; PO Box 218, Norway House, MB R0B 1B0; (204)359-6721; Treaty Entitlement Land

    36. Nelson House, Chief Norman Linklater; General Delivery, Nelson House, MB R0B 1A0; (204)484-2332; Treaty Entitlement Land

    37. Oak Lake Sioux Band of Indians, Chief Mike Kay; PO Box 146, Pipestone, MB R0m 1T0; (204)854-2959

    38. Oak River Band of Indians, not found

    39. Oxford House Band of Indians, Chief Garbiel Hart; Oxford House, MB R0B 1C0; (204)538-2156; Treaty Entitlement Land

    40. Peguis Band of Indians, Chief Louis J. Stevenson; PO Box 219, Hodgson, MB R0C 1N0; (204)645-2359 ; Treaty Entitlement Land

      • Peguis Central School on the Peguis Reservation inManitoba, Canada--Neat page webmastered by computer teacher Paul Pickard. Cultural staff and kids interviewed elders -- got stories on the forced move 100 km north of Winnipeg into the empty brush, which they had to clear to build new homes in the bush. Partying on the Treaty payment days. Newsletter and other work by the kids.

    41. Pine Creek Band of Indians, Chief Camperville, MB R0L 0Jo; (204)524-2478

    42. Poplar River Band of Indians, Chief Verna Mitchell; Negginan, MB R0B 0Z0; (204)244-2267

    43. Red Sucker Lake Band of Indians, Chief John H. Harper; Red Sucker Lake, MB R0B 1H0; (204)469=9300

    44. Rolling River Band of Indians, Chief Dennis Whitebird; PO Box 145, Erickson, MB R0J 0P0; (204)636-2211; Treaty Entitlement Land

    45. Roseau River Band of Indians, Chief Lawrence Henry; PO Box 30, Ginew, MB R0A 2R0; (204)427-2312

    46. St. Theresa Point Band of Indians, Chief Jack Flett; St Theresa Point, MB R0B 1J0; (204)462-2106

    47. Sandy Bay Band of Indians, Chief Angus Starr; Marius, MB R0H 0T0; (204)643-2462

    48. Shamattawa First Nation Band, Chief Tommy McKay; Shamattawa, MB R0B 1K0; (204)565-2340; Treaty Entitlement Land

    49. Shoal River Band of Indians, Chief Ronald Cook; Pelican Rapids, MB R0L 1L0; (204)587-2012

    50. Sioux Valley Indian Band, Chief Robert Bone; PO box 38, Griswold, MB R0M 0S0; (204)855-2671

    51. Split Lake Cree (Tutaskwayalt) Chief Norman Flett; Split Lake, MB R0B 1P0; (204)342-2045; Treaty Entitlement Land

    52. Swan Lake Band of Indians, Chief Roy McKinney; Swan Lake, MB R0G 2S0; (204)836-2101

    53. The Pas Band of Indians , Chief Charles Constant; PO Box 297, The Pas, MB R9A 1K4; (204)623-5843

    54. Valley River Band of Indians, Chief Melvin Lynxleg; Valley River General Delivery, Shoredale, R0L 1W0; (204)546-3334

    55. Waterhen Band of Indians, Chief Harvey Nepinak; Skownan, MB R0L 1Y0; (204)626-3373

    56. Waywayseecappo First Nation Treaty 4 Band, Chief Murray Clearsky; PO Box 340, Rossburn, MB R0J 1V0; (204)859-2883

    57. Wasagamack Indian Band, Chief Elijah Knott; Wasagamack, MB R0B 1Z0; (204)457-2337

    58. York Factory Indian band, Chief Eric Saunders; York Landing, MB R0B 2B0; (204)342-2210; Treaty Entitlement Land

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