Native Recipes

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WIISINIWAN -- Food Recipes


--Frybread--Tasty Symbol of all-Indian unity
--Native cookbooks --Nutrition info, cookbooks for kids
--Wild rice recipes --Maple sugar/syrup recipes
--Corn, hominy, cornmeal -- Beans and Greens
--Squash, pumpkin --Deermeat, Meat
--Fish, birds --Fruit and Berries
--Herbal Teas, Culinary Herbs --Xocoatl (Chocolate), Aztecs (and south) YUM!

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--Native HERB


CREDITS: Page logo of bear stars constellation (big dipper and others) is probably drawn in black ink by Norval Morrisseau, Gull Lake Anishnabg artist, founder of Medicine Painting style. It was donated to Akwesasne Notes in 1974 and used only once: to put a medicine sign under an article by AIM leader John Trudell, about cleaning ourselves up physically and spiritually from alcohol and other non-Indian vices. I recovered it as part of my saving Notes Great Period art project, traced in FreeHand and colored for thes pages. I drew the starmoon. Translation note: Wiisiniwan, the Anisnaabemowin word for recipes topping this page, might really be better interpreted as "Skill or talent for making food good to eat.".

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