Leonard Peltier: Political Prisoner

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Leonard Peltier Defense Committee--The committee is run by Leonard's fianceè in Kansas. A bare, brief outline of the facts of Peltier's case is on this page, as well as a selection of his paintings that are for sale.


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Page prepared by Paula Giese copyright 1995.

CREDITS: The page logo is from a drawing made on the Walk for Justice in 1994, which crossed the U.S. from California to Washington D.C. to seek freedom for Peltier. I made it into a button, that also said Walk for Justice '94, by scanning the image and tracing it in FreeHand. By printing it on bright yellow paper, costs were reduced. I also made a T-shirt logo from this design, and was presented with a very effective shirt silkscreened on black, where Leonard, thinking of an eagle, was screened in silver, the text in red. The rest of the T-shirts and buttons were sold to raise money for walkers. Computer work and silk-screening were done at Heart of the Earth Survival School facilities in Minneapolis. I don't know if any T-shirts are left, but will try to find out if anyone wants one. Most were screened on red; I feel sure the few done in silver on black are all gone.

The painting of Peltier is used by his defense committee as their page logo; artist is Leonard Peltier.. On the Peltier homepage is a selection of prints made from Peltier's paintings, which are for sale.

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