Keypalling (Kids) & K - 12 Native Teacher Contacts

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Here's a way for Native kids and teachers to get in contact with each other.

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What tribe are you?:

Comments: Indicate your interests here, if you want keypals, age, grade, tribe, school! Teachers -- tell what you want to communicate about with other teachers (grades taught, subjects, tribes of kids)

Note that you won't see your own entry on VIEWing the whole list (after you submit one) unless you hit reload while viewing the guestbook. New signings go at the top of the listing. See my example message #1 (which will be at the bottom of the list).


If students have their own mailboxes, each who wants a keypal should fill in the form, put thir own email there. If a teacher must receive and distribute, teacher should fill it in with her or his email. Kids, teachers, describe interests, tell your tribes, age, grade.

Non-Indians: teachers, kids, please do not say "studying Native Americans and want to correspond with some." This is offensive, racist. This service is primarily a way for Indian kids to get in contact with each other, not a method of providing specimens for study by your class or students. Older non-Indian students who do have their own mailboxes may fill in the form.

Teachers of non-Indian classes, please do not fill in this form. Non-Indian students: If you say we are studying Indians so I want to hear from some, I will delete your entry. Say some things about yourself and interests, as you would in seeking keypals among other white kids, and maybe an Indian student will then want to write to you. I will not tolerate any more of these requests that seek out Native human beings as if they were research specimens or classroom display items or study materials.

TEACHER-to-TEACHER: this is primarily for info interchange about Native culture and language preservation curriculum, anti-alcohol, and school programs -- say what you're doing, find out what others are doing, mention available resources (books, tapes, videos). Non-Indian teachers at non-Indian schools: please use the K-12 newsgroups or any of the many other InterNet services available for non-Indian educators.

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