Yucatec Maya Pronunciation and Everyday Phrases

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Written MayanSounds Like
a'ah' as in 'calm'
e'eh' as in 'effort'
i'ee' as in 'keen'
o'oh' as in 'open'
oosame sound as 'o' but held longer
u'oo' as in 'moon'
x'sh' as in 'bush'
Some Everyday Mayan-English Phrases
Mayan phraseEnglish phrase
Bix a belex?Hi, how are you?
MaloobI'm fine, OK.
Yum boticThank you
MixbaYou're welcome
Tu'x ka binex?Where are you going?
Kin bin tin nahI'm going home
Koox tunLet's get going

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