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MAPS of Indian country are always useful. But this section now contains the beginning of a GIS (geographical Info system) that structures access to Native info -- U.S. and Canada -- using maps as "windows". A big project, but Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, and the huge job of California are functional. 1/23/97

Gaming, Indian Casinos -- All about 'em, see some on-line. Accessed from the newly updated Games menupage, that has on-line games and edutainments for young people. The gaming presentation is current history tribal events for young people, too. 1/4/97; a few new ones added 1/23/97

Native Nations -- Sites by US and Canadian Native Nations are distinguished from sites about them. Many new sites, including a couple of interesting startups from above the Arctic Circle. 12/26/96

BIG BADDIE$ FOR KIDS feature of NATIVE AMERICAN BOOKS extensively reviews and comments on children's unfortunate classics -- long-time or recent big sellers -- and provides subject-topic specific alternatives, background on both why the "classics" (big sellers, prizewinners) are in fact bad and other background on how to integrate and make the most of the alternatives we ID.12/26/96

OYATE Books Feature Native group has been evaluating children's books about Indians since 1985 -- and has a teaching library, outreach, and catalog sale (for hard-to-find ones) since early 1996. Here's the scoop on this worthwhile group; and how you can (as every teacher and librarian should) get in contact. 12/26/96

Baskets and Environment -- the only art where the traditional basketmaker must be in complete touch with living things. Nice gallery of Pomo father baskets, Pomo history, plants and environmental issues, baskets as tools of daily life. 8/22/96

Beads, beadwork, big new addition, complete revise, more pix: a whole exhibit of woodland floral bandolier bags and much else. 8/31/96 Fancy powwow outfits added, 9/3/96. Turquoise and shell: beads and trade routes, 9/8/96. Wampum Belts and Treaties added, 9/15/96

Legend Painting and Norval Morrisseau -- Canadian Ojibwe painter, biography, paintings gallery, cultural presentation and iconography, 7/13/96. Manitoulin Island: true birthplace of Legend painting: Daphne Odjig; Dreamers' Rock, Francis Kagige, Blake Debassige, Leland Bell, Roy Thomas 9/30/96>

STORIES -- Quicker-loading menus. Many new stories, Native E-text books linked-to from other servers. "Computer" -- did you know there's an Indian word for it? Native Languages resources page. Indian Cinderella.6/29/96 Maje author bio: Zitkala Sha,(Gertrude Bonnin) 1876-1938, writer, orator, political activist, musician, composer. 7/4/96 Added sub-menu for Mazinaajim -- Native picture-stories, I'd like to find some more of these! 7/20/96

BOOKS Reviews and purchase info on more than 300 books by or about Native people -- for Children, Middle School-age, Young Adult, and Adult reading levels. Videos, tapes, lists and bibliographies. NEW: BOOKCHAT -- enter your own review notes, questions about books, etc. Yep it was wiped out when the server changed, it should b OK now. 7/6/96 -- book reviews are constantly being added, as received.

NATIVE SCHOOLS updated as of end of December. A few new ones found. Contests for Native kids (mostly essay) and other learning opportunities. Some native colleges updates done, more to be checked. TRIBES separated from this page into a page and subdirectory of its own. 12/26/96


New URL for Canadian First Nations INAC server. BUT...not everything from the old server was transferred. The INAC server is down so much it seems they must turn it off nights and weekends. 6/6/96. Note: INAC;s database iof bands and maps was not transferred from the old server, and seems to be no longer available.

Inuit/Arctic Peoples pages updated, lots of new material. 6/6/96

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