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Other NY Indian Nations -- Long Island Tribes

10. Shinnecock Reservation, state (not federally) recognized
11. Poospatuck Reservation, Unkechauga Nation
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6 Nations -- League of Haudenosee (Iroquois) Confederacy
  1. Tonawanda Band of Senecas
  2. Cattaraugus Reservation (Seneca)
  3. Seneca Nation of Indians, Allegany Reservation
  4. Oil Springs Reservation (Seneca)
  5. Cayuga Nation
  6. Onondaga Nation
  7. Oneida Indian Nation of New York
  8. St. Regis Mohawk Tribe (Akwesasne)
  9. Tuscarora Nation

Treaty with the New York Indians, 1838. January 15, 1838. 7 Stat., 550.

The Six Nations -- Oldest Living Participatory Democracy on Earth Excellent site. Paintings by John Kahionhes Fadden (Mohawk artist), basic historical documents, transcripts of contemporary speeches and articles by 6 Nayttions elders and spokespeople at United Nations, traditional calendar of seasons

The Six Nations Of The Iroquois -- much shorter, shallower history than the previous, suitable for younger students

Wampum Belts and Treaties -- resides at this site, part of Beads and Beadwork section. Illustrations of historic wampum belts and the treaties they represent, links to other sites with info on wampum belts.

The flag of the Iroquois League -- brief history and explanation of symbolism

Iroquois Thanksgiving Address -- traditional prayer/oratory for opening most formal events, ceremonies and significant political occasions

Bureau of Indian Affairs
3701 N. Fairfax Drive
Mailstop: 260-VASQ
Arlington, VA 22203
P: 703/235-3006
F: 703/235-8610
Franklin Keel (Acting)
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New York Field Office
Bureau of Indian Affairs
100 S. Clinton St., Rm 523
P.O. Box 7366
Syracuse, NY 13261
P: 315/448-0620
F: 315/448-0624
Dean White (Field Representative)
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Vernon Isaac, Chief
Cayuga Nation
P.O. Box 11
Versailles, NY 14168
P: 716/532-4847
F: 716/532-5417
(NY Liaison Office)
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Raymond Halbritter, Nation Representative
Oneida Indian Nation of New York
Genessee Street, Ames Plaza
Oneida, NY 13421
P: 315/361-6300
F: 315/361-6333
(NY Liaison Office)
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Oneida Indian Nation, Vernon, NY -- First nation to post a website in the U.S. Webmaster: (Dale Rood): Large and ever-growing, this website has much info, many photos, and features. Won an Apple award (Best community website) in 1995. Highly recommended official tribal site.

  • United SouthEastern Tribes -- a communication section hosted by Oneida for a number of smaller eastern area tribes who do not have their own internet capabilities yet. Mission statement, address-phone contact info for members, no historical, cultural or other info.

Leon Shenandoah, Sr., Head Chief
Onondaga Nation
RR 1, Box 270-A
Nedrow, NY 13120
P: 315/469-8507
F: No Fax
(NY Liaison Office)
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Chief Oren Lyons -- Opening Statement, "The Year of the Indigenous Peoples" (1993), in the UN General Assembly

  • Onondaga Oren Lyons -- Excerpts from article on Ethics and Spiritual Values and the Promotion of Environmentally Sustainable Development

    Dennis Bowen, Sr., President
    Seneca Nation of Indians
    P.O. Box 231
    Salamanca, NY 14479
    P: 716/945-1790
    F: 716/532-9132
    (NY Liaison Office)
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    • Seneca Nation -- upstate New York. Tribal government info, not much history or cultural content. Official website.

      Norman Tarbell, Chief
      St. Regis Mohawk Tribe
      Akwesasne Comm. Bldg., Rte 37
      Hogansburg, NY 13655
      P: 518/358-2272
      F: 518/358-3203
      (NY Liaison Office)
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      • Mohawk Traditional Government -- Centered at Akwsasne, only reservation-reserve that spans the U.S.-Canadian border. The council of chiefs rejects the artificial division into two halves, St. Regis on the U.s. side and athe Canadian half north of the border. The current council members are identified and there is a dignified warning against some who are passing themselves off as "chiefs". News of the council and its projects. Akwesasne Notes magazine and bookstore info. Site was prepared by long-time Mohawk pro journo Francis Jock, who had to discontinue parts of it that were a web newspaper, Sarsari's Drum

      • Akwesasne Mohawk School -- takes up some school news (but not the pix, poetry, etc by students) that had bene on Sarsari's Drum.

      Bernie Parker, Chief
      Tonawanda Band of Senecas
      7027 Meadville Road
      Basom, NY 14013
      P: 716/542-4244
      F: 716/542-9692
      (NY Liaison Office)
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      • Poodry v. Tonawanda Band of Seneca Indians Court opinion of a lawsuit by some members of the Tonawanda band Seneca tribe who were kicked out of the tribe over what appears to have been some kind of dispute with tribal government. Court had a fun time quoting the pretentious fake ceremonial language the tribal government used kicking the dissenters out. Kind of embarassing to read.

      Arnold Hewitt, Chief
      Tuscarora Nation
      5616 Walmore Road
      Lewiston, NY 14092
      P: 716/297-4990
      F: No Fax
      (NY Liaison Office)
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      • The Singing Tuscaroras -- much good history here, info on treaties, current events, maintained by Loren Greene, who also provides web access to Native individuals and groups.

      • Indian Defense League of America -- supports sovereignty, particular focus on Jay treaty that Canada and US will allow Indians to cross border unhindered by customs, duties, etc. Holds a protest bridge crossing every year.

      • Deskaheh, Levi General -- early 20th-century stateman and diplomat working for 6 Nations and other Indian rights.

      • Chief Clinton Rickard, Tuscarora Nation statesman and rights crusader.

      Cattaraugus Reservation, Seneca Nation
      140 Rt 438
      Irving, NY 14081
      716/532-4900; 716/532-4907
      Oil Springs: same contacts (NY Liaison Office)
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      Poospatuck Reservation, Unkechauga Nation
      Community Center, P.O. Box 86
      Mastic, NY 11950
      (NY Liaison Office)
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      Shinnecock Tribe
      Rte 27-A, Montauk Hwy
      Southhampton, NY 111968
      State recognized; no BIA office liasion
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