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Perry Castaneda World Maps Collection from the University of Texas. Categorized by country, most of these are rather large files and display much larger than screensize

Mapquest: Interactive atlas at the level of city streets; construct your own local maps, place points of interest. One of the most interesting interactive map sites.

Color landform (topo) map of U.S. by states; also has county outlines version, links to virtual tourist (by state) and Yahoo link for that state. Very solid development and use of high-cost mapping and scanning equipmewnt of Johns Hopkins physics lab for starters on the maps.

Maps of Canada -- with your choice of many ways to show peoples, natural resources and animal species. Still no Reserves boundaries, though. Has been (according to Canadian national mapping service) simplified a lot and is concommitantly less useful and flexible than the original version.

Map to select Environmental Studies Images -- mostly of California regions so far. Shows different kinds of damages and a few unspoiled natural environments. Thousands of images

DATAMAP for U.S. CENSUS STATISTICS -- access population statistics by regions clicked from this imagemap

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC SOCIETY Cartographic Division of their big website. Check out the rest of the website for educational material relating to places. Unfortunately the Indian one on their startup page wasn't working.

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Text, maps and graphics copyright -- Paula Giese, 1996. except where elsewhere attributed.

CREDITS:The "putting the Indian Sign on North America" map-graphic was originally designed by Akwesasne Mohawk Jim Berenholz in 1976. It's half of a black and white poster for Awkesasne Notes "Bicentennial". The original also has South America (as does my big AIM poster). In 1993, I spent about 3 weeks tracing this (from an old issue of Notes). I colored it in FreeHand and it was a poster for the AIM 25th anniversary and International Indigenous Peoples' Summit meeting then. I've made some changes in the "signs", to suit the low-rez web, and my desire to animate all parts of RedMap. Additional anis will be done one at a time, to celebrate the completion of major jobs of tribal info-on-line in the tribes-by-statemaps section here. Now pl;aying on the RedMap: "Raven Eats the Impossible Star," a trad legends I made up for the occasion of the ani.

Last Updated: 5/27/97