RED SUMAC: Multi-Tribal Uses

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Taxon : Rhus glabra

Family Anacardiaceae Genus Rhus Species glabra Common_name Sumac, smooth Sumac Sumac, smooth upland Sumac, dwarf
Specific_use Rhus glabra: Cherokee Antiemetic Rhus glabra: Cherokee Burn dressing Rhus glabra: Cherokee Dermatological aid Rhus glabra: Cherokee Gynecological aid Rhus glabra: Cherokee Urinary aid Rhus glabra: Chippewa Antidiarrheal Rhus glabra: Chippewa Cold remedy Rhus glabra: Chippewa Emetic Rhus glabra: Chippewa Oral aid Rhus glabra: Chippewa Pediatric aid Rhus glabra: Chippewa Respiratory aid Rhus glabra: Comanche Other Rhus glabra: Creek Analgesic Rhus glabra: Creek Antidiarrheal Rhus glabra: Creek Other Rhus glabra: Dakota Other Rhus glabra: Fox Dermatological aid Rhus glabra: Fox Dietary aid Rhus glabra: Kiowa Other Rhus glabra: Kiowa Tuberculosis remedy Rhus glabra: Micmac Ear medicine Rhus glabra: Ojibwa Ceremonial medicine Rhus glabra: Ojibwa Dermatological aid Rhus glabra: Ojibwa Eye medicine Rhus glabra: Ojibwa Hemostat Rhus glabra: Ojibwa Unspecified Rhus glabra: Okanagan Oral aid Rhus glabra: Omaha Analgesic Rhus glabra: Omaha Antidote Rhus glabra: Omaha Dermatological aid Rhus glabra: Omaha Diuretic Rhus glabra: Omaha Gynecological aid Rhus glabra: Omaha Hemostat Rhus glabra: Omaha Other Rhus glabra: Omaha Urinary aid Rhus glabra: Pawnee Antidiarrheal Rhus glabra: Pawnee Gynecological aid Rhus glabra: Pawnee Other Rhus glabra: Ponca Other Rhus glabra: Sanpoil Dermatological aid Rhus glabra: Sanpoil Oral aid Rhus glabra: Tewa Other Rhus glabra: Thompson Ind Oral aid Rhus glabra: Thompson Ind Poison Rhus glabra: Thompson Ind Venereal aid Rhus glabra: Winnebago Other

Iroquois uses of sumac are not found on the above tabulation, apparently because the main source of the descriptions did not identify the species (there are several). Here is the tabulation of literature references to Iroquous medical uses of sumac (species unspecified):

Family Anacardiaceae 
Genus Rhus 
Species sp. 
Common_name Sumac 

Specific_use Rhus sp.: Iroquois Abortifacient Rhus sp.: Iroquois Analgesic Rhus sp.: Iroquois Anthelmintic Rhus sp.: Iroquois Anticonvulsive Rhus sp.: Iroquois Carminative Rhus sp.: Iroquois Cathartic Rhus sp.: Iroquois Cold remedy Rhus sp.: Iroquois Cough medicine Rhus sp.: Iroquois Dermatological aid Rhus sp.: Iroquois Dietary aid Rhus sp.: Iroquois Emetic Rhus sp.: Iroquois Expectorant Rhus sp.: Iroquois Eye medicine Rhus sp.: Iroquois Febrifuge Rhus sp.: Iroquois Gast-intestinal aid Rhus sp.: Iroquois Gynecological aid Rhus sp.: Iroquois Hemorrhoid remedy Rhus sp.: Iroquois Laxative Rhus sp.: Iroquois Liver aid Rhus sp.: Iroquois Misc disease remedy Rhus sp.: Iroquois Oral aid Rhus sp.: Iroquois Orthopedic aid Rhus sp.: Iroquois Pediatric aid Rhus sp.: Iroquois Pulmonary aid Rhus sp.: Iroquois Throat aid Rhus sp.: Iroquois Tuberculosis remedy Rhus sp.: Iroquois Urinary aid Rhus sp.: Iroquois Venereal aid Rhus sp.: Iroquois Veterinary aid

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CREDITS: The red sumac fruit-head photo is from the University of Wisconsin (Madison) botany gopher.

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