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MOLLY SPOTTED ELK: A PENOBSCOT IN PARIS by Bunny McBride. University of Oklahoma Press, 1005 Asp Ave., Norman, OK 73019, (800) 627-7377, (405) 325-5000 FAX. Illustrated, index, bibliography, notes. 380 pp., $24.95 cloth. 0-8061-2756-2

Molly Nelson (1903-1976), born on Indian Island, Maine, adopted the stage name Spotted Elk as a teenager and danced in vaudeville and wild west shows as a means of linking her Penobscot culture with the increasingly Anglo-dominated world. She eventually achieved international fame, starring in the silent movie "The Quiet Enemy" in 1930, and was invited to perform in Paris. McBride, using Molly's diaries and extensive interviews with her daughter, has written a touching account of a little-known figure in Native American history. Grade: A-. Reviewed by Steve Brock

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