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SUNDANCE: THE ROBERT SUNDANCE STORY by Robert Sundance with Marc Gaede. Chaco Press, 5218 Donna Maria Ln., La Canada, CA 91011, (818) 952-0108, FAX: (818) 952-7267. Illustrated, afterword. 300 pp., $12.95 paper. 0-9616019-8-1

Robert Sundance (Rupert Sibley McLaughlan), born on the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation, roamed all over the West, was arrested over 500 times, and spent most of his adult life in an alcoholic daze. In 1975, however, he sued the city and county of Los Angeles and won his case, bringing wide-ranging reforms to the way street alcoholics were treated. Sundance's memoir vividly documents his relentless bid to be heard. Grade: B. Reviewed by Steve Brock

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