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OCEAN POWER: POEMS FROM THE DESERT by Ofelia Zepeda. University of Arizona Press, 1230 N. Park, #102, Tucson, AZ 85719, (800) 426- 3797, (602) 882-3065 in Arizona, (602) 621-8899 FAX. Afterword. 91 pp., $19.95 cloth (0-8165-1517-4), $9.95 paper (0-8165-1541-7).

Zepeda, an associate professor of linguistics at the University of Arizona, reflects on her life as a Tohono O'odham woman: stirring clouds with a harvesting stick, growing hair so long it can be worn as a dress (to be used as a pillow when laid to rest), possessing a body in rhythm with oceans and moons. Not so somber is her frolicsome version of "Under the Sea," ("It's so much better, down where it's wetter"). Many of the poems are printed in both English and O'odham, and one is entirely in O'odham. Intensely personal, remarkably accessible. Grade: A-. "Ocean Power" is volume 32 in the "Sun Tracks" American Indian Literary Series. Reviewed by Steve Brock

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