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NATIVE AMERICAN LIVES: PERFORMERS, edited by Liz Sonneborn. Facts on File, Inc., 460 Park Avenue South, N.Y., NY 10016, (800) 322- 8755, FAX: (212) 213-4578. Illustrated, index, selected annotated bibliography. 128 pp., $17.95 cloth. 0-8160-3045-6. For ages 10 and up.

From Emily Pauline Johnson and Iron Eyes Cody to Graham Greene and John Trudell, Sonneborn profiles eight of the most famous American Indian performers: musicians, actors, a humorist (Will Rogers), and a ballerina (Maria Tallchief). Included are a short history of each performer's birthplace, a biography, and a discussion of their body of work. Noticeably missing from the volume are Floyd Red Crow Westerman and Carlos Nakai. Grade: B. Also in the "Native American Lives" series: Spiritual Leaders; Scholars, Writers, and Professionals; Political Leaders and Peacemakers; Artists and Craftspeople; and Athletes. Reviewed by Steve Brock

A Second Look: Smoothly written, accurate, provides lists of readings for each person profiled. There is no reason to downcheck this reference book because everyone (who knows much about Native performers) will find some of their favorites missing. The book is short and doesn't pretend to be comprehensive. Reading level is more suitable for younger teens than more comprehnsive references also available. -- Paula Giese

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