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THE BEAUTIFUL AND THE DANGEROUS: DIALOGUES WITH THE ZUNI INDIANS by Barbara Tedlock. Penguin USA Books, 375 Hudson St., N.Y., NY 10014, (800) 253-2304, (212) 366-2666 FAX. Illustrated, index, bibliography, discography, notes. 349 pp., $12.00 paper. 0-14-017812-0

Anthropologist Tedlock (SUNY Buffalo) lived with the Zuni for extended periods over the last 20 years. In this "narrative ethnology," her dialogues are personal, and the reader comes to feel that they are also present, listening to Zuni discourses on myth and religion, art, medicine, and the natural world, as well as alcoholism and domestic violence. This is a valuable work, a rare glimpse into the contemporary lives of the Zuni. Highly recommended. Reviewd by Steve Brock

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