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SELU: SEEKING THE CORN-MOTHER'S WISDOM by Marilou Awiakta. Fulcrum Publishing, 350 Indiana St., Suite 350, Golden, CO 80401, (800) 992-2908, (303) 279-7111. Illustrated, index, notes. 352 pp., $19.95 cloth. 1-55591-144-7

There is no higher compliment than having a Cherokee Indian offer to share corn with you. To them and many other tribes, corn isn't just the grain that is eaten, but a spiritual entity that gives the people strength to survive. In order to grow it, people must cooperate. In order for the harvest to be abundant, they must maintain a balance and harmony of water, soil, and sun. Cherokee poet Marilou Awiakta blends stories, poems, and essays to apply Selu's wisdom to contemporary issues such as the Tellico Dam controversy ("Arrow of Warning and Hope"), nuclear power ("Baring the Atom's Mother Heart"), gender and sex ("Selu and the Sex Expert"), and politics ("Cooperation and Government"). Awiakta gives readers a sometimes not-so-gentle poke in the Adam's rib,`reminding us that only in balance is life sustained. Eye-opening and splendidly written. Reviewed by Steve Brock

2nd Look:: This is really an adult book, but so well written and intresting that Native high school youth will find their attention held by it. I don't want them to miss it, so it is included here on the YA page. Most youth should be able to handle the reading, only the length may pose a problem for teachers of some classes. Essays on topics of interest can be selected. Review note by Paula Giese

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