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INDIAN CHIEFS, Russell Freedman. New York : Holiday House, 1987. (Grades 5+)

Freedman has accomplished a well-balanced collective biography of six western Indian chiefs: Red Cloud (Oglala Sioux), Satanta (Kiowa), Quannah Parker (Comanche), Washakie (Shoshone), Joseph (Nez Perce), and Sitting Bull (Hunkpapa Sioux). The short biographies of twenty pages each contain actual quotes by the various chiefs within an accurate historical setting. Freedman was careful in his use of terminology. He prefaces the book by providing information on how the term "chief" was determined and used by the white settlers and government and how various tribes distinguished the many levels of leadership. This indexed book is illustrated with numerous sketches and photographs and is made complete with a bibliography of sources for further study. Reviwed by Lisa Mitten and Naomi Caldwell-Wood

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