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SPIRIT WALKER, poems by Nancy Wood, paintings by Frank Howell. Doubleday Books For Young Readers, 1540 Broadway, N.Y., NY 10036, (800) 223-6834, (212) 492-9862 FAX. Illustrated, index of titles.80 pp., $19.95 cloth. 0-385-30927-9

          Dwell for a moment in a single blade of grass.
           Discover the secret of snowflakes.
           In these patterns lie harmony, my child.
           In harmony, the universe.
                          -- Mother's Words

These forty-four poems and short stories are special messages that echo through the boundless cosmos and into the heart of the reader, striking spiritual chords that evoke reverence for the land and its inhabitants. The luminous, flowing hair of Frank Howell's Native American women could easily be clouds that are "ten thousand winters old." One of the best books of the year and a wonderful gift for all ages, this book will be much-praised and much-honored Reviewed by Steve Brock.

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