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THE SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY PROGRAM FOR CHILDREN (K-8), developed and tested by the National Sciences Resource Center, and marketed by Carolina Biological Supply Company, Burlington, NC, 800-334-5551. Ask for the K-8 science program catalog (and get their big main catalog -- only sent to schools, not individuals -- while you're at it).

The best integrated, multi-disciplinary, hands-on science for young people. Should in fact be started in K and continued through 8, but you can pick up on it anywhere along the line.

Expensive -- for every year, there are 4-8 units, and a rather expensive set of materials with each. Some are permanent, some are refillables (and you can order just the refills). Roughly, it will cost about $1800 per grade to start this program (less in the lower elementary, considerably more at Middle School level). Yet the developers have made huge efforts to find materials and supplies to reduce the costs -- for example, the kids make their own river-terrain combo acquarium and terrarium (from the kit materials supplied). The ecosystem is balanced, no pumps are used. When I revise the teacher science/math resources, I'll have much more to say about this. Send for the catalogs, dream, scheme, write proposals, and try to budget for at least some of it. While you'r on the phone getting those catalogs, ask for their Cabisco Math Manipulatives catalog too. Neat stuff for all ages from primary through advanced h.s. student math. Abstractions rooted in such touchable realities are meaningful and they last. Paula Giese

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