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NOTABLE NATIVE AMERICANS, edited by Duane Champagne; Gale Research Inc., 835 Penobscot Bldg., Detroit, MI 48224, (800) 877-GALE (4253). 495 pages, $65

Published in 1995 so it's quite up-to-date, mined from material collected from Gale's big Portrait of the Poples. There are 265 biographical articles--many with pictures--of indigenous men and women of the past and present who have made major contributions--artistic, literary, political--to indigenous people's lives or are otherwise historically notable. Individual entries range from 1-3 pages. Occupational, Tribal, and Subject indexes (as well as a standard name index) help readers locate persons of importance in several different ways. This appears to be a somewhat rewritten excerpt from Gale's big Almanac. If you get the big Gale Lamanac for library reference, this would be a duplication of part of its contents. Reviewed by: Paula Giese

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