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INDIAN AMERICA: A TRAVELER'S COMPANION by Eagle Walking Turtle. John Muir Publications, P.O. Box 613, Santa Fe, NM 87504, (800) 888-7504, (505) 988-1680 FAX. Illustrated, maps, index, glossary, bibliography, three appendices. 460 pp., $18.95 paper. 1-56261-110-0.

Eagle Walking Turtle has assembled a guide that outlines a multitude of places to visit Indian tribes, but allows the traveler little cultural comprehension. There's a bit of history in each of the sections of the book (west, southwest, northwest, great plains, etc.), but not nearly enough to help the visitor understand what they are observing. A typical description provides information on the location, ceremony\powwow dates, arts and crafts, and a short characterization. Much information hasn't been updated. For example, the entry for the Ute Mountain Ute tribe doesn't include the opening of the Sky Ute casino. Appendices provide data on the locations of Alaska tribes and the dates of powwows and ceremonies. Recommended only if the buyer also purchases additional background information Reviewed by Steve Brock

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