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NORTH AMERICAN INDIAN LANDMARKS: A TRAVELER'S GUIDE, George Cantor. Visible Ink Press, 835 Penobscot Building, Detroit, MI 48226. Illustrated, index, glossary, maps, bibliography, timeline. 409 pp., $34.95 cloth. 0-8103-8916-9

Reservations, pueblos, monuments, museums and cultural centers, petroglyphs and ruins, galleries, powwows, battle and celebration memorials, all come together in this combination of history and travel guide.

Cantor has assembled 340 descriptions of locations of importance to Native Americans in 45 states and Canada. Most citations contain a detailed history, a description of what can be observed, the hours of operation, and if there is an admission. In the forward, Susan Harjo answers questions that all should know, such as "Do Indians still live in tipis?" or "Am I welcome in Indian Country?" The answer to the latter is: "Are you welcome in your house? You live in Indian Country."

The book is easy to use, and is essential for anyone traveling to (or through) Indian Country. Cantor writes as if he has visited each site personally. Highly recommended. Reviewed by: Steve Brock

A Second Look:It's subtitled A Traveller's Guide, and is conveniently organized by region, with photos and detailed maps. Also contains practical travel and lodging info, glossary, timeline, and general index that lets you search for sites by criteria other than where it is. There's a hardcover version (it's identical, unlike some of the other Gale/Visible Ink pairs, the paperback is not an excerpt) $45 for libraries. Weakness is the orientation to tourism, in fact most of the entris seem to be composed from info supplied by tourist-visit spots. There is no significant treatment of Native sacred sites, and little or no info supplied by tribs. Reviewed by: Paula Giese

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