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ATLAS OF INDIANS OF NORTH AMERICA by Gilbert Legay. Barron's Educational Services, Inc., 250 Wireless Bl., Hauppage, NY 11788, (800) 645-3476, FAX: (516) 434-3723. Illustrated, index, maps. 95 pp., $16.95 cloth. 0-8120-6515-8

The rich diversity of over 200 Indian tribes is presented by Legay, who portrays each tribe in its original environment and not where it was relocated. Divided by geographical area, the following information is provided for each tribe: etymology of tribal name, language spoken, tribal customs, and brief history. Also included are illustrations of tribal clothing and decoration. A solid reference for schools and libraries. Grade: B+. Reviewed by Steve Brock

A second Look: This atlas is inferior in every way to the Waldeman-Braun FoF Atlas reviewed above. It is suitable only for elementary school use, if any, and in fact Waldeman-Braun's maps are better for elementary teacher classroom use. Although this one is only half the price, it contains less than 1/4 th of the content, and that is sloppily done, and in all ways inferior. The only excuse for getting it would be that $17 is cheaper than $35, but that's $17 badly spent. Get the other one. Paula Giese

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