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THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF NATIVE AMERICA by Trudy Griffin-Pierce. Viking Children's Books, 375 Hudson St., N.Y., NY 10014, (212) 366-2000, (212) 366-2666 FAX. Illustrated, index, maps, list of resources, further readings. 192 pp., $25.99 cloth. 0-670-85104-3

Indian tribes are scattered all across the United States and Canada, and each one, though they share many traits and customs, is distinct. Griffin-Pierce's new reference highlights these individual characteristics while providing a coherent overview of Indian life in North America. Divided into seven cultural and geographical sections, each containing a history, language map, descriptions of specific tribes, and several sidebars that focus on special celebrations, notable leaders, or a particular issue. Includes a section on Canadian Indians. Highly recommended for public and school libraries. Grade: A-. Reviewed by Steve Brock

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