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An Open Letter To: Parents Of Young Children Regarding: The Disney Film Pocahontas From: Members of the NatChat Internet-based Mailing List (An electronic community of Native and non-Native people interested in issues pertaining to the world's aboriginal peoples.)

[Most of the open letter pertains to criticisms of Disney's Pocahontas which readers are urged to boycott. A list of recommended books is given as one of several suggested "instead of" activities for kids. The letter in its entirety -- and several replies -- are on the Native Opionions about Pocahontas Page here] ALTERNATIVES TO PURCHASING DISNEY POCAHONTAS PRODUCTS: INSTEAD OF PURCHASING DISNEY POCAHONTAS COLORING BOOKS - CONSIDER: 1. Dover Publications Coloring Books, including "Pocahontas Coloring Book", "Indian Tribes of North America" and other titles. 2. "A Coloring Book of American Indians" and other titles, Bellerophon Books, 36 Anacapa St., Santa Barbara CA 93101 INSTEAD OF PURCHASING DISNEY POCAHONTAS PICTURE/STORY BOOKS - CONSIDER: 1. "Eagle Drum" by Robert Crum. Four Winds Press. 2. "Powwow" by George Ancona. Harcourt Brace &Co. 3. "North American Native Author's Distribution Project", a catalog of children's literature. 1-518-584-1728. Greenfield, N.Y. 4. "Finding One's Own Way". 1-518-584-1728. Greenfield, N.Y. 5. "Morning Girl" by Michael Dorris. Univ. of Oklahoma Press. 6. "Dancing Teepees" Selected by Virginia Driving Hawk Sneeve.Holiday House. 7. "Raven" by Gerald McDermott. Harcourt Brace. 8. "Dream Catcher" by Audrey Osopby. Orchard Books. 9. "Mama Do You Love Me", by Barbara M. Joosse, Illustrated by Barbara Lavallee. 10. "King Island Christmas", "Runaway Mittens", by Jean Rogers. 11. "A Coyote Columbus Story" by Thomas King. 12. "Spirit of the White Bison" by Beatrice Culleton, illustrated by Robert Kakaygeesick, Jr. 13. "The Princess and the Sea-Bear and Other Tsimishian Stories" by Joan Skogan, illustrated by Claudia Stewart. 14. "Crow and Weasel" by Bary Lopez. 15. "Seya's Song" by Ron Hirschi, illustrated by Constance R. Bergum. Sasquatch Books. 16. "Ten Little Rabbits" by Virginia Grossman & Sylvia Long. Chronicle Books. 17. "Did you Hear Wind Sing Your Name? (An Oneida Song of Spring)" by Sandra De Coreau Orie; illustrations by Christopher Canyon. Walker and Co. For More Information on Pocahontas, see the video "Biography of Pocahontas", A&E Biography Series, 1-800-423-1212.. [ PG Notre: this is an Arts and Entertainment Production, described as "Story of Beautiful Indian Princess, she's 12 when John Smith and th English arrive, fell in love with Smith, helped him escape., saved his life, later falsely told he'd gone back to England, marries John Rolfe....47 minutes, $19.95 $3.95; Arts & Entertainment. From the description supplied by Arts and Entertainment, it doesn't sound like this is much of a true history alternative, a duller version of the Diz cartoon, sounds like.]


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