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THE TWO-LEGGED CREATURE: AN OTOE STORY, retold by Anna Lee Walters, illustrated by Carol Walkers. Children's book for all ages. Northland Publishing, P.O. Box 1389, Flagstaff, AZ 86002-1389, (800) 346-3257. 32 pp., $14.95 cloth. 0-78358-553-4

Walters, of Pawnee-Otoe descent, tells this richly metaphorical story of a time before there was man and cities and the world was ruled by animals who lived in harmony. When a two-legged creature came, the animals showed him how to live, and they taught him their universal language. After a time, Man began to act differently. He did not listen to them and began to criticize them. The animals decided not to have anything to do with Man, and Man began to treat them cruelly, killing many of them. At a meeting, the animals decide to abandon Man. Dog and Horse say that without some animals, Man will die. They say that they will go with Man and be his friend, and that is why the two are close to us today. The watercolor illustrations are bright earthy collages with borders of Native designs. Sadly, this story also parallels Native-White relations. "The Two-Legged Creature" is highly recommended. Reviewed by Steve Brock

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