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THE STORY OF SQUANTO, FIRST FRIEND OF THE PILGRIMS, Cathy East Dubowski. New York ; Dell Yearling, 1990. (Grades 4-8)

Of the many books for children on Squanto and the Pilgrims, we finally get a historically accurate biography of the Wampanoag survivor of the village of Patuxet who was so critical in the survival of this early group of colonials. New research being done in the Massachusetts coastal area lends detail and authenticity to the Indians-Pilgrims-Thanksgiving story that is typically couched in mythology and legend, especially in accounts for children. Nanepashemet, a Wampanoag Research Associate at Plimouth Plantation, also lent his expertise. A very well-balanced, realistic and entertaining biography. Reviewed by: Lisa Mitten and Naomi Caldwell-Wood

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