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KATIE HENIO: NAVAJO SHEEPHERDER by Peggy Thomson, photographs by Paul Conklin. Cobblehill Books, 375 Hudson St., N.Y., NY 10014, (800) 331-4624, FAX: (212) 366-2666. Illustrated. 59 pp., $16.99 cloth. 1-525-65160-8

Thomson follows Katie, a member of the Ramah Navajo of west- central New Mexico, as she tends her flock of over 150 sheep: feeding them, protecting them from harm, shearing them, and weaving rugs. Katie also travels to Washington, D.C., for a "folklife" festival on the Capital Mall. Back in Ramah, she collects plants to make dyes and prepares her granddaughter for a coming-of-age ceremony. A respectful portrait of a hard-working and proud woman, who dreams of being "out at camp," where everything is in harmony. Grade: A. Reviewed by: Steve Brock

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