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THE GIRL WHO SWAM WITH THE FISH: AN ATHABASCAN LEGEND, retold by Michelle Renner, illustrated by Christine Cox. Alaska Northwest Books, P.O. Box 10306, 3019 NW Yeon Ave., Portland, OR 92710, (800) 452-3032, (503) 223-1410. Illustrated. 32 pp., $15.95 cloth. 1- 88240-442-3 Ages 9 - 14

In this folktale, Renner tells two stories in one. The first, about a girl who falls into a river and is changed into a king salmon, teaches about the special relationship that Alaska natives have with the fish that honors them with its return to their fish camp. At the same time, readers will understand that life is cyclical and will only continue to be so if respected and not obstructed. The bold woodcut illustrations are cartoon like, but Cox's fish threaten to swim off the pages. Grade: B. Reviewed by Steve Brock

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