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THE STAR MAIDEN by Barbara Juster Esbensen, illustrated by Helen K. Davie. Little, Brown and Company, 34 Beacon St., Boston, MA 02154, (800) 759-0190, (617) 890-0875 FAX. Illustrated. 32 pp., $5.95 paper. 0-316-24955-6. Ages 4 - 8

In this sensitive Ojibway (also known as Chippewa or Anishnabe) myth, members of an Indian tribe are transfixed as a star moves close to the Earth. The star appears in the dream of a brave as a silver maiden who says she is lonely and wants to live among the people of the tribe. The tribal council decides to welcome the star. She searches for the best place to take up residence and settles, with her star sisters, into water lilies. The dreamy watercolors and reassuring text make this a suitable bedtime story, sending children on their own search among the stars while firmly anchored in the hearts of their parents. Grade: A. An interactive "Star Maiden" program is also available on a Macintosh disk, teaching word recognition, rhyming, comprehension, and spelling. Reviewed by Steve Brock

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