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IN A CIRCLE LONG AGO: A TREASURY OF NATIVE LORE FROM NORTH AMERICA, retold by Nancy Van Laan, illustrated by Lisa Desimini. Knopf/Apple Soup, 201 E. 50th St., N.Y., NY 10022, (800) 638-6460, (212) 572-2593 FAX. Illustrated, appendix, source notes, references. 128 pp., $20.00 cloth. 0-679-85807-5. Ages 3 - 7

These twenty-five stories, poems, and songs have been gathered from over twenty tribes. The geographically-grouped stories encourage respect for the natural world ("How Beaver Stole Fire"), caution against vanity ("How Possum Got His Skinny Tail"), and provide humorous accounts of how animals relate with one another ("Coyote and the Blackbirds"), while the songs celebrate family ("A Story") and provide comfort ("Father is Coming"). This will be a much- requested read-aloud that will be passed around many family circles. Grade: A-. Reviewed by Steve Brock

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