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BUFFALO WOMAN, Paul Goble, NY: Bradbury Press, 1984, Reissued in 1990 (NY and Toronto) by Aladdin (paperback) books, a division of Maxwell-MacMillan $5 paper. 32 pp color illustrations. Ages 4 - 9. 0-102-737720-2.

A Plains Native hero (great hunter who has always respected the buffalo) is given a supernatural wife -- a buffalo woman from the Buffalo Nation. The hunter's relatives don't like her, and one day when the hunter is away, the Buffalo woman takes their son and leaves. The hunter follows, but must face dangers, then pick his wife and son out from the Buffalo herd. His supernatural son helps, and he rejoins his family -- as a member of the Buffalo Nation, transformed to a young buffalo bull. Goble's usual respect, clear writing, and gorgeous illustrations. Reviewed by Paula Giese

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