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THE GIRL WHO LOVED HORSES, Paul Goble, NY: Bradbury Press, 1978, reissued in papeback, 1990, Aladding (division of Maxwell-Macmillan), NY and Toronto, 1990, $5 paper. 32 pp color illustrations. Ages 4 - 9. 0-87888121-2.

A classic Plains tale (based on a Cheyenne myth) which won the Caldecott Medal for Children's Literature the year it was first published, 1978. The young girl is devoted to the care of hr tribe's horses (but really loves the wild ones that run free). Eventually she becomes a wild horse to run free forever. The 1978 award winner has been reissued in paperback. Th girl's love for horses results in her finally becoming one -- joining the herd. Reviewed by Paula Giese

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