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DID YOU HEAR THE WIND SING YOUR NAME?: AN ONEIDA SONG OF SPRING by Sandra De Coteau Orie, illustrated by Christopher Canyon. Walker and Company, 435 Hudson St., N.Y., NY 10014, (800) AT-WALKER, (212) 307-1764 FAX. Illustrated. 32 pp., $14.95 cloth. 0-8027-8351-1

Oneida author Orie asks children to share in the signs of Spring's rebirth - the warmth of the sun, the smell of cedar, the taste of thunder, the sight of the bright orange sunset. While some of the questions should be confusing, such as "Did you see Trillium's Stars lying upon the Forest bed's heaven," they are, instead, strangely reassuring. The double-page illustrations by Canyon, a Cherokee, are outstanding. Grade: A-. Reviewed by Steve Brock

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