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SONGS ARE THOUGHTS: POEMS OF THE INUIT by Neil Philip, illustrated by Maryclare Foa. Orchard Books, 95 Madison Ave., N.Y., NY 10016, (800) 621-1115, (212) 213-6435 FAX. Illustrated. 32 pp., $15.95 cloth. 0-531-06893-5

The Inuit of northern Canada react to their harsh and frigid environment by writing compact songs that express their deep-seated emotions, ranging from joy to grief. Folklorist Philip presents ten Inuit poems that stress these feelings, including a morning prayer, hunting a polar bear, and avoiding evil with quietude. Foa's debut as an illustrator is also worth celebrating. Her textured oils and etched canvasses are stimulating to the senses. Grade: A. Reviewed by: Steve Brock

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