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YOUNG GOAT'S DISCOVERY, written and illustrated by Arline Warner Tinus. Red Crane Books, 2008-B Rosina St., Santa Fe, NM 87505, (800) 922-3392, (505) 989-7476 FAX. Illustrated. 32 pp., $13.95 cloth. 1-878610-38-4

A young goat finds its likeness drawn on a rock wall and leads Jeffrey to the spot. Interested in how the petroglyph got there, Jeffrey goes to the library and finds out that the Hopi drew it many, many years ago. He also learns how the Hopi lived, their ceremonies, and that the petroglyphs probably were drawn to insure a good hunt. The librarian suggests to Jeffrey and other children that there is much they can do to celebrate the carvings without touching them. Tinus's watercolor illustrations skillfully render wispy clouds that change in an instant and red rocks that hold secrets for ages. Grade: A. Reviewed by: Steve Brock

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