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Books here are adult (reading level) or Young Adult (either written as YA or have been used successfully in h.s. classes). There will be a shelf for children's books eventually. Some poetry and some nonfiction -- when part of an author's literary oeuvre -- are included here.

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The Business of Fancydancing : Stories and Poems; Sherman Alexie (Spokan-Couer d'Alene); Paperback; $10.00

    Laughter and games (evoking the traditions of ceremonial ball-playing and stick games) handled with irony, among the bitterness and violence of reservation life. Games are never only games, they're about hopes of winning survival time, so the stakes are always high.

The Business of Fancydancing : Stories and Poems; Sherman Alexie (Spokan-Couer d'Alene); Hardcover; $18.00

First Indian on the Moon: Poems; Sherman Alexie (Spokan-Couer d'Alene); Paperback; $12.00; Read more about this title...

First Indian on the Moon; (Poems); Sherman Alexie; Hardcover (Spokan-Couer d'Alene); $20.00 (Special Order); Read more about this title...

Indian Killer; Sherman Alexie (Spokan-Couer d'Alene); Hardcover Novel; $15.40; Read more about this title...

    There are a number of reviews -- including a long one from me -- on, below the catalog card. Read them there (even if you don't want to order this book).

Indian Killer; Sherman Alexie (Spokan-Couer d'Alene); Audio Cassette; $15.37; Read more about this title...

The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven; (Linked short stories form novel) ;Sherman Alexie (Spokan-Couer d'Alene); Paperback; $10.00;Read more about this title...

    REVIEW of Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven

Old Shirts & New Skins (Native American, No 9); (Poems); Sherman Alexie (Spokan-Couer d'Alene), Elizabeth Woody (Illustrator); Paperback; $12.00; " Read more about this title...

Reservation Blues; (Novel); Sherman Alexie (Spokan-Couer d'Alene); Paperback; $10.39; Read more about this title...

Reservation Blues; Sherman Alexie (Spokan-Couer d'Alene); Hardcover; $14.70;

The Summer of Black Widows; (Poems); Sherman Alexie (Spokan-Couer d'Alene); Paperback; $13.50

The Summer of Black Widows; Sherman Alexie; Hardcover; $22.00

Water Flowing Home; Sherman Alexie (Spokan-Couer d'Alene); Hardcover; $150.00 (Special Order)

Slash Jeanette Armstrong (Okanagon, British Columbia) Reissue Edition Paperback: $12.95

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Night Flying Woman: An Ojibway Narrative, (Novel, Young Adult) Ignatia Broker (Ojibwe, White Earth Reservation, 1919-1987); Paperback, $8.50

    REVIEW of Night Flying Woman

    short bio from Internet Public Library project

Aniyunwiya/Real Human Beings : An Anthology of Contemporary Cherokee Prose Joseph Bruchac (Abenaki) (Editor) ;Paperback, $14.36

Between Earth and Sky : Legends of Native American Sacred Places; Joseph Bruchac (Abenaki), Thomas Locker (Illustrator); School & Library Binding; $11.20

Dawn Land; Joseph Bruchac (Abenaki); Paperback: $10.36

Long River : A Novel; Joseph Bruchac (Abenaki); Hardcover: $13.97

    Sequel to Dawn Land -- 13 moons have passed, the community has moved near the river. Young Hunter is now married to Willow Girl. Evil threatens the newly-located community, but the people find strength from their traditions and spiritual ways to combat it.

On Second Thought : A Compilation (American Indian Literature and Critical Studies, Vol 18) Vol 18; Editors Maurice Kenny, Joseph Bruchac (Abenaki);Hardcover: $17.47 Read more about this title...

Returning the Gift : Poetry and Prose from the First North American Native Writers' Festival (Sun Tracks, Vol 29) Vol 29 Joseph Bruchac (Abenaki) (Editor); Paperback: $15.96

    An unprecedented gathering of more than 300 Native writers was held in Norman, Oklahoma, in 1992 and brought more Native writers together in one place than at any other time in history. This volume collects the best of the more than 200 submissions. See Sun Tracks catalog description.

Roots of Survival : Native American Storytelling and the Sacred; Joseph Bruchac (Abenaki); Hardcover: $17.47 Read more about this title...

Survival This Way : Interviews With American Indian Poets (Sun Tracks Books, No 15) Joseph III Bruchac (Abenaki) (Editor); Paperback: $15.96

Tell Me a Tale : A Book About Storytelling Joseph Bruchac (Abenaki); Hardcover: $11.20 Read more about this title...

Tell Me a Tale; A Book about Story Telling Joseph Bruchac (Abenaki); Paperback: $8.00

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Stories of the Road Allowance People, Maria Campbell (Metis-Cree), Illustrated by Sherry Farrell Racette (Timikaming), paper , $12.96 Read more about this title...

    Gorgeous full-page paintings illustrate this book of stories Maria heard from (mostly) her father and uncles. The practice of renaming Indians with white names kills a young couple, who find out that under these names they are long-separated brother and sister. An old Metis warrior from the Riel war tells Metis boys that they do too have a culture, shows them his Red River sash, and tells of his trip to heaven, where he drank wine and sang with Jesus. Life as "a treaty" (Reserve status Indian) is not so good, compared to free (although poor) Metis, because the Indian agents push you around. These are not children's stories -- such as Campbell published having written them for her own kids as they grew -- but young people will like them too. The Road allowance (where she grew up) is right-of-way for road or railroad, clear-cut of trees to bring profits. Metis, ousted from their lands, squat there.

Halfbreed, Maria Campbell (Metis-Cree), paper, $5.56

    Incredibly, Halfbreed, probably the most significant book by a Native Canadian woman, has been allowed to go out of print in Canada. Fortunately the University of Nebraska Press picked up this novel-like autobiography of Maria Campbell's upbringing in a poor Metis "Road Allowance" community just after World War II. The book closes the circle in the beginning, as Maria returns to the abandoned village 17 years after she left it, pregnant, unwillingly married in a failed attempt to reunite her family, broken up into foster homes. Cheechum, her Cree great-grandmother, was a tower of strength and spiritual-cultural knowledge in her childhood, but the harsh life of poverty, city life as a prostitute, drunk and druggie, made it hard for her to recapture an identity. The word half-breed, used for scorn, she turns into a badge of pride, as she becomes a worker for Indian and Metis rights and survival. Highly recommended. Young people relate well to this book.

Brief bio from Internet Public library project.

Crazy Snake, Robert Conley (Cherokee), about Creek leader Opothla Yahola, $3.99 (real bargain)

Mountain Windsong, YA novel Robert Conley (Cherokee), paperback, $8.76

    In the framing story, a 10-year-old boy learns much about Cherokee culture from working with (and listening to) his grandparents. In the middle, grandpa tells the story of a romance, broken by the Trail of Tears and its tragedies -- but since it's a romance, based on an Appalachian ballad, the couple get together in the hills of North Carolina in the end. Despite the romance, history and culture are truly presented. This book is far preferable to the Ku Klux Klan writer's fake autobiography, The Education of Little Tree, which is required reading in many schools. That's a fake, this is real.

Why I Can't Read Wallace Stegner and Other Essays : A Tribal Voice Elizabeth Cook-Lynn (Lakota, Crow Creek Reservation); Paperback: $14.36

    Literary essays from Wicazo Sa, the journal she founded to try to make Native Studies become responsible "survival scholarship" for Native Nations and people. This hasn't been well accepted in academia or academic journals. These essays are consistently interesting. She always brings a fresh angle of vision to topics you think have been done to death. Well written too, also not welcome in academic circles. where jargon is the profs' native language, and PoMo is not a tribe.

The Politics of Hallowed Ground : Wounded Knee and the Struggle for Indian Sovereignty; Mario Gonzalez, Elizabeth Cook-Lynn (Lakota, Crow Creek Reservation) (Not yet Published)

    Should be interesting. Mario Gonzalez is the long-time judge in tribal court of Pine Ridge Oglala Lakota reservation, South Dakota, and was heavily involved in trying to prevent a Washington law firm from settling the Sioux claim for the Black Hills just for money; Oglalas want return of the land (most of which is held by the US government as federal land).

Then Badger Said This (Poetry/Prose); Elizabeth Cook-Lynn (Lakota, Crow Creek Reservation); 2nd Edition Paperback; $5.00+ $2.35 special surcharge

    First published in 1977, this new poem-chronicle combines contemporary poems, prose, oral history, old stories, personal narratives, and art in a holistic new form. We see the people and the land share the same fate, as the Missouri Valley is flooded by Army Corps of Engineer dams (in the '50's), but we also see serene, timeless scenes. The present and the past are simultaneous she says -- or shows, or sings.

From the River's Edge ; Elizabeth Cook-Lynn (Lakota, Crow Creek Reservation); 1st Ed.Hardcover. (Hard to Find) 1991

    This powerful, ironic, and authentic novel by a lady who has fought for a tribally-relevant University-based American Indian Studies discipline should never have been allowed to go out of print! If you can afford the seach, get it for your library. A Dakota tribal rancher has cattle stolen by a white man -- but it's the Indian who's on trial, when he insists the thief be prosecuted. Aurelia, his lover, is in contact with her spiritual heritage. John's trial forces him back into the circle of family -- away from Aurelia. Aurelia suffers this loss and begins to lose her beliefs, too.

The Power of Horses and Other Stories; Elizabeth Cook-Lynn (Lakota, Crow Creek Reservation), 1st Ed. Hardcover, 1990, out of print (Hard to Find)

    Stories are both poetic and political. Cook-Lynn's anger is shaped -- but not compromised -- by irony and vision. This -- which also shouldn't ahve been allowed to go out of print -- also is worth a search fee for your library.

April Raintree; Beatrice Culleton (Metis); Paperback: $12.00

    A reworking of Culleton's 1984 book, fleshed out somewhat better, loose ends captured. April can pass for white, but her Cinderella marriage doesn't last when the rich family finds out she's Indian. Her sister goes from activism to alcoholism and suicide. This teen-appealing story is not a mellerdrammer but a realistic portrayal of native women's lives -- it's based on Culleton's own (she had 2 sisters who committed suicide). Book ends on a note of hope, as April resolves to care for her dead sister's illegitimate boy, and bring him up to know his Indian heritage as best she can.

    Brief bio by InterNet library project, which doesn't know about the updated re-publication of April Raintree.

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Waterlily, Ella Cara DeLoria (Yankton Sioux, 1889-1971), paperback, $7.96

Dakota Texts, Ella Cara DeLoria (Yankton Sioux, 1889-1971), Hardcover, $49.50, 4th reprinting from 1932

    The most authentic accounts of traditional Lakota myths and folktales in the vernacular. DeLoria's footnotes make old Siouan stories accessible -- understandable -- to modern readers, though these were prepared (DeLoria was the actual pre-eminant Lakota scholar of her day) for scholars, under the aegis of anthro Franz Boas. Vigor and objectivity marked DeLoria's linguistic work. This is a necessary book for all libraries, and every scholar interested in Lakota people. Despite the scholarly apparatus, these stories are much better than a lot of the dumbed-down versions published as children's "myths."

Crown of Columbus,Michael Dorris (Modoc. 1945-97) and Louise Erdrich (Ojibwe, Turtle Mountain Reservation), paperback $5.99

    Long potboiler written for the money to cash in on the Quincentennial. Nice characterization of the Native woman professor, but icnredible why she'd be attracted to the man. If it's Dorris and Erdrich characterizing each other (or themselves) the mnarriage in real life is as hard to explain as the one here. The crown (supposedly Christ's Crown of thorns, to be presented to the Native king) is garbage, and The ending, with Two Star using it to support land claims, is a fantasy. In the middle: a detective story that doesn't convince, a villain who isn't credible, and every problem solved by convenient coincidences. I'm sure they made a lot of money from this. I was impatient with all the main characters, the only one I liked was the teenaged son. A good trash read, however, if stuck on a plane or something.

Morning Girl Michael Dorris (Modoc, 1945-97), hardcover, $9.06

Morning Girl, ; paperback $2.80!!! real bargain price.

    This YA book shows the ordinary daily lives of a Carribean boy and girl shortly before the arrival of Columbus. At the very end, the characters go eagerly to meet the interesting strangers. The irony of what is soon to happen to them -- which we never see -- hovers over the entire story. Highly recommended for late elementary and Middle School social studies reading.

A Yellow Raft in Blue Water, Michael Dorris (Modoc), $10.39

    REVIEW of Yellow Raft in Blue Water

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Love Medicine Louise Erdrich (Ojibwe, Turtle Mountain Reservation), paperback, $10.36. This is an expanded version (1993) of the original 1984 prizewinner. Nothing lost, something gained in clairty of the fmaily relationships that run all through this 4-book series.

Love Medicine, hardcover, $13..97

    Love Medicine's time frame is 1934-84. The Beet Queen's somewhat paraellel, stories cover 1932-72. Tracks (the struggle of Grandfather Nanapush and the evil nun Pauline) is the earliest, 1912-24, and the incidents there are some of the roots whose branches we see later. Burning Love is the contemporary stories of a number of women for the white construction man all of them love; in Bingo Palace, some of the earlier characters (and their descendants) struggle with history vs. prosperity, as Lyman Lamartine wants to build a casino on reservation burial grounds.

    Kashpaw family tree and brief character summaries Nanapush family tree the families whose members reappear over generations in Erdrich's books. Student project (Tari Crawford) for an Americna Lit course.

    REVIEW of Love Medicine by a doctor, in some humanistic medicine project.

Beet Queen, Louise Erdrich (Ojibwe, Turtle Mountain Reservation), paperback, $10.36

Beet Queen, audio cassette, $11.16

Bingo Palace, Louise Erdrich (Ojibwe, Turtle Mountain Reservation), paperback, $10.40

Jacklight, Louise Erdrich (Ojibwe, Turtle Mountain Reservation), paperback, $8.76

Tracks: A Novel, Louise Erdrich (Ojibwe, Turtle Mountain Reservation), paperback, $10

Tales of Burning Love Louise Erdrich, paperback, $10.80

    Several of the women we've met as characters in earlier chronicles of the Kashpaw and Nanapush fmailies and their mixed-blood descendants all have loved the same (white) contractor, from car seats to motels -- and a death is caused by pride.

    Article about Erdrich and in-depth review of Burning Love Polly Springer, Minnesota Daily

    Interview with Erdrich Salon webzine; has a chat room where you can discuss her work with others.

Tales of Burning Love , (Ojibwe, Turtle Mountain Reservation), hardcover, $17.50

Blue Jay's Dance: A Brith Year (nonfiction), Louise Erdrich (Ojibwe, Turtle Mountain Reservation); Paperback, $10.

    Long Review (Boston Book Reviews) of this philosophical feminist attempt to place motherhood, the body, and its appetites at the center of spirituality. Review is mostly exposure its own author's ego.

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Firesticks : A Collection of Stories (American Indian Literature and Critical Studies Series, Vol 5), Diane Glancy (Cherokee),paperback, $13.97