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GRANDFATHER by Tom Brown, Jr. Berkeley Publishing Group, 200 Madison Ave., N.Y., NY 10016. 208 pp., $8.95 paper. 0-425-13804-6

Tom Brown Jr., who runs a tracking and wilderness survival school in New Jersey, is the author of several field and survival guides, books on his mystical experiences and philosophy of nature, and his autobiographical "The Vision." His latest book details the stories his grandfather, Stalking Wolf, told him as a child.

Stalking Wolf, a Lipan Apache and "coyote teacher" (one who makes a student find out answers for himself), traveled through the United States, Mexico, and Central America trying to impart his wisdom and keep from getting put on a reservation. He tried to stay away from whites and sought only "the wilderness and the spirits."

Brown relates several experiences that Stalking Wolf revealed to him: his visions in which spirits give him symbolic gifts, his encouragement to pay attention to spirit voices, his ability to find perfect fossil specimens, his trek to a snowy mountain pass to escape loneliness, and his brush with death in "Death Valley."

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