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LOOK TO THE MOUNTAIN: AN ECOLOGY OF INDIGENOUS EDUCATION, Gregory Cajete, Kivaki Press, 585 E. 31st, Durango, CO 81301, 800-578-5904, 1994, 243 pp, paperback, $17, 1-882308-65-4

An Indian perspective on education, that emphasizes how environmental and ecological education might relate to students' lives (and thir lives to the world of nature), Cajete proposes extensions to a traditional model to make education more meaningful and useful for Indian youth, integrating education more fully into the lives of children, families, cultures. Cajete feels that storytelling is one of the most fundamental human activitie, providing a context of all sorts of info that makes it meanigful. Interesting proposals from a respected Native educator, who has ideas for putting them into effect in today's native schools or with Indians students in public schools. Cajete has little or nothing to say about Native education relevant to my #1 choice immediately below. Reviewed by Paula Giese

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