Norval Morrisseau and
Medicine Painting

In traditional fur hat, Morrisseau photographed in a Paris gallery
Mishipeshieuw seems unimpressed by Paris, gallery splendors, success
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Norval Morrisseau, Copper Thunderbird, born March 14, 1932 on Sand Point Ojibwe Reserve, near Beardmore, Ontario (now Thunder Bay). Founder of Woodland school (style) also known as Legend or Medicine painting. Received Order of Canada, 1978. Elected to Royal Canadian Academy of Arts. Only Canadian painter asked to exhibit in Paris French Revolution bicentennial, 1989.

Norval Morisseau -- Biography, influence of grandfather (Midèwinini, Jissakaan traditional knowledge); early visions.

    Nanabozho, the sleeping giant of Thunder Bay -- spirit of the land

Beginnings of Medicine or Legend Painting -- rock art (petroglyphs) and birchbark scrolls

    Skyman -- ink drawing Morrisseau made from petroglyph found on rock on Bloodvein drainage, between his grandparents' home and Lake Winnipeg.

Missipeshieuw (Mishibizhii) -- Cultural preservation, the Shaking Tent (jissakaan)

Gallery 1 of Morrisseau's later paintings, storytelling, modification of x-ray vision; decoration begins to substitute for power

    Gallery 2 -- Colorful romantic tributes to women, love, family, growth

    Gallery 3 -- Colorful posters of water animals and fish -- may illustrate Creation story

    Gallery 4 -- Powerful and colorful restatements of old, original themes of traditional spiritual powers


Woodland Painting and Painters

Daphne Odjig (Beavon) -- Wikwemikong Odawa painter, Manitoulin Island, Lake Huron, Ontario. Honored artist, elder, teacher.

Manitoulin Island -- Cleansing the sacred Dreamers' Rock, poem by Basil Johnston; Francis Kagige paintings


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