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Coe, Ralph T., Lost and Found Traditions: Native American Art 1965-1985, 1986, The University of Washington Press in association with the American Federation of Arts, Seattle; many examples of contemporary beadwork of different kinds. Incrdibly, this unique book has been allowed to go out of print. AFA lost most of the photos, but the University Press still has the page plates, and if deluged with order inquiries, might reprint.
National Museum of the American Indian, All Roads are Good: Native Voices on Life and Culture, 1994 Smithsonian Institution Press. Essays by Native artists and elders stimulated by their selections of a variety of objects from the collection, which are reproduced in clear color photos with inadquate identifications.
Densmore, Frances, Chippewa Customs, 1929, reprinted 1970 by Ross & Haines, Minneapolis; White Earth (Minnesota) Ojibwe women, mostly applique beadpatterns, the use and trading of birch- bark pattern templates. Many photos. Reprintd, Minneesota Historical Society paperback, 1979
Densmore, Frances, How Indians Use Wild Plants for Food, Medicine and Crafts, 1929, reprinted 1974 by Dover Publications, New York; dyes used for cloth and older wooden and bone beads
Densmore, Frances, Chippewa Music, reprint of 2 long reports, Bulletins and 53, 1910, 1911 of the American Ethnographic Society, reprinted by Ross and Haines Old Books, Minneapolis, 1973 (photos and some info on beadwork and bandoliers)
Dewdeny, Selwyn, The Sacred Scrolls of the Southern Ojibway, Published for Glenbow-Alberta Institute, Calgary, by University of Toronto Press, 1975
Dockstader, Frederick J., Indian Art in America: The Arts and Crafts of the North American Indian, 1960, New York Graphic Society, New York
Dubin, Lois Shore, The History of Beads: 30,000 B.C. to the Present, 1987, H.N. Abrams, New York
Filstrup, Chris, Bedazzled--the Story of Beads, 1982, F. Warne, New York
Hammack, Nancy and Jacka, Jerry, Pre-historic Indian Jewelry of the Southwest, 1975, University of Arizona Press, Tuscon; shell beads, shell inlaid with turquoise
Johansen, Christine B. and Ferguson, John, Iroquois Arts: A Directory of a People and Their Work, 1983, Association for the Advancement of Native North American Arts and Crafts, Warner- ville, N.Y.
Museum Show catalog, Thunderbird and Lightning: Indian Life in Northeastern North America 1600-1900, 1982, British Museum Publications, London; beadwork collected in the 1700's
Orchard, William, Beads and Beadwork of the American Indian, 1929, Heye Foundation Museum of the American Indian, New York
Schaaf, Gregory, Wampum Belts and Peace Trees, George Morgan, Native Americans and Revolutionary Diplomacy, 1980, Fulcrum Publishing, Golden, Colorado
Archambault, JoAllyn, Beadwork encyclopedia entry, Native America in the Twentieth Century, Garland Reference Library of the Social Sciences, Garland Publishing, 1994 and 1996

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