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Maude Kegg, Mille Lacs elder, culture teacher and master beadwork artist wears her just-finished Museum-quality bandolier bag, the thme of this exhibit, photographed in 1983. It took her 3 years to complete the bag. See detail of the fine beadwork.

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Text and graphics copyright 1995, 1996.

CREDITS: Photo of Maude Kegg's 1982 Museum woodland bandolier bag is by Bobby Hansson for the American Federation of Arts catalog for the travelling Ralph T. Coe collection show. The bandolier (and the rest of the Coe collection) have been donated to the San Francisco Museum of Human what is the name of that museum anyway and is it in LA or SF. The 1989 Coe collection catalog, published by the University of Washington (Seattle) press is out of print. The photo of Maude Kegg (by Coe) is from that catalog. Background and flowery vine logos for this bandoliers exhibit are adapted from Maude's wonderful contemporary (but entirely traditional) bandolier. The beaded lettering is by me, it was sort of like actually doing beading, but using the computer.

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