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Wiyot Elder Leona Seidner Wilkinson

Leona Seidner Wilkinson is a skilled Wiyot basketweaver. She works with materials from the abundant forests of the California northwest coastal lands, traditional Wiyot territory, She leads training in methods and art of the basketweaver's art. Click here to see a larger image of the basket from which this page background was developed,

Traditionally, Wiyot basketweavers used only varieties of twining -- not coiling, wicker, checker or twill plaiting -- to make their baskets. They wer th twining specialists. Foundations were usually of hazel twigs. Th rdwood forest supplied numerous roots for weft and color -- young redwood roots peeled and split supplied a nice rd-brown; pine and spruce roots were also useed for lighter colors. Glistening strands of bear grass (Xerophylklum tenax) made light-colored patterns. Black was split roots (with various natural dyes) of bracken or maidenhair fern, fibers of giant ferns dyed red with chewed alder bark. Yellow dyes were made from a lichen. Dyed porcupine quills were sometimes woven in to fancy baskets.

Check out a lot of baskets from many tribes, pretty pix, basket plants, environmental issues.

Irving James is the grandson of massacre survivor Jerry James, son of the band Chief Captain Jim. (try to get his Indian name!). Irving was born in 1900 and is nearing a century of life. He presntly lives in Table Bluff, a parcel of Wiyot land that is near the seacoast. (Get a quot from him or something!!! He is presntly helping record tribal memories or something.)
9-year-old Loretta Brown, photographed at the 1996 Candelight Indian Island Memorial Vigil, is the 7th generation since that mssacre. [Who are her parents? What is she interested in, plans for the future,education, etc. Interview the girl and her ma!] She is wearing a traditional twined basketry women's cap. [who made it, etc.] This paragraph is the future of the people. there should be several kids, a teenager, young mother/father, etc. Check her age. I corrected spelling of name in vigil photo cap.

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