Sinkyone Wilderness Upland to Become Intertribal Park

Before the Spanish and U.S. invasions, California had hundreds of tribes, mostly speaking mutually incomprehensible languages, but with common cultures depending on the environments of their well-defined territories. Map at right is of California north of San Francisco, showing reconstruction of tribal territories before white destruction of the California Indians began in the 18th century.

Sinkyone peoples were a small coastal tribe, who lived mainly along inland streams. They are extinct today, from the settler and Army massacres of the 1850's. When the King Range of the soi-called "Lost Coast" was made into a Nature Conservancy (after being logged over fairly thoroughly for redwoods in the late 19th and early 20th centuries) the saouthern coastal portion later became the Sinkyone Wilderness state park, mainly accessible only over rugged hiking trails.

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CREDITS: Photo of Sinkyone Wildernes sign from GeoImages: Images of (mostly) California environment organized in a variety of ways for use in teaching. I made the northern California map, consulting several sources reconstructing tribal territories.

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